Saturday, April 20, 2024

Lose more Elves That Way

The mangled body of Dark Elf Ec'Dkar Burntstrr is yet another tragic example of a warrior's overconfidence in the face of ruthless foes.
His foolish single-handed assault upon the opponent's unbroken line has led to this unsurprising result.
If only he had heeded the coach's words, " For the Dark God's sake Use YOUR SPEED to stary an arm's length away," before he rushed out on to the pitch vs the Lizardman team of Commander Grrr Bnsmshrr.  Instead, Ec'Dkar ran straight into the arms of Commander Grrr Bnsmshrr and his Boneheads. Now his team is going to have to pay the expenses of a resurrectionists to reanimate the late Dark Elf as his father, Count Quk'Dth  Burntstrr. is one of the team owners. Oh well, maybe the rich, entitled, idiot will learn to follow his coach's directions in the future. NOT!
Commander Grrr Bnsmshrr, and his Bonehead lineslizards.
The luckless Ec'Dkar Burntstrr is a kit bashed plastic Blood Bowl piece I put together and painted last week.

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