Friday, May 17, 2024

Emergency Robots of the 22nd Century

Mobile Hospital Robot, Dedicated Onsight Casualty (D.O.C.) ME-8 has seen many years of combat and EMT service.
For sure he is showing his age, but on the Space frontier new medical units are few and far between. 
So, D.O.C. ME-8 may be a little "long in the tooth," he continues to serve those in medical need on the lonely colony of Betelgeuse IV.

Gas Automatic Suppression Pod (G.A.S.P.) HT-6 is the latest model of fire control robot from Fire Industries & Robotics Engineering Co. Nova Peking, Alpha Centauri.  
The G.A.S.P. HT-6 is small yet extremely powerful and is able to tackle gas fires in most colonial habitats and governmental building.
Completely autonomous, the G.A.S.P. HT-6 can detect and respond to fires within a six-klick radius without and human interaction needed.
For all your fire needs count on G.A.S.P. HT-6, the firefighters friend.
G.A.S.P. HT-6 and D.O.C. ME-8 are old metal Grenadier pieces from the 1970's.

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Dark Elf Vampire, a Mach made in Blood Bowl Hel

Markis Ludvig av Blodsalskare is one of the rarest of vampires, a Dark Elf noble.
As such he was sought-after by both Dark Elf and Vampire Blood Bowl Teams. 
In the end "blood" conquered lineage and Markis Ludvig av Blodsalskare became a passer for the powerful Ventanor's Vampire Team.
As the latest star Vampire to join the Ventanors, the team looks to be one of the top contenders this season. Let's get ready to rumble Blood Bowl style!
Markis Ludvig av Blodsalskare is a kit bashed plastic piece I put together this week from mixed Blood Bowl sprues for Richard's Ventanor Vampire Team

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Love So Close Yet So Far

Opposites attract, but can such attraction conquer the love of one's home? Such was the challenge faced by two powerful Nordic gods, Njord and Skadi.
To keep their wedded bliss the Vanir God Njord of the Seas and the Jotunn Goddess Skadi of the Winter Hunt attempted to live in Skadi's precious mountains.
Then they tried to live on the coast of Njord's treasured seas.  But to no avail as both found the sounds, creatures and smells of their partners cherished homes so disgusting they could not spend even another day in those lands. So, it came to be that Skadi and Njord left each to return to their own homes, never to be together again.
Both are plastic that I painted earlier this month. For more on their stories check out these links:

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

I Rule the Seas

I am Njord, God of the Seas, Fishing, Wind and Wealth-Bestowed (Prosperity). While I am a Vanir, I live in Asgard among the Aesir.
Before I lived in Asgard, I was married to my sister, and we had two children Freyr and Freyja. As the Aesir frown upon sibling marriages, my sister and I separated.
This is how I became one of the gods available for Skadi to choose as a mate as compensation for her father's death at the hands of the Asgardians.
As Skadi was forced to choose her husband sight unseen, except by the look of the feet of the god candidates. And she chose me, one of the oldest of the gods.
It would have been a happy marriage except for the fact that I love the Sea and she loves her father's home in the mountains, Prymheir.
To please each of us, we agreed to live for nine months in the mountains and then nine months at the sea.
But happiness between us was not to be, for the longing for our respective homes was too strong. We separated; Skadi returned to her beloved mountains and I to the seas. Well, Skadi was beautiful, but my love, my life is the sea...
Njord is a plastic piece I painted this week.

Monday, May 13, 2024

Skadi, Hunting her Passion, Revenge Her Goal

Nothing pleased the Jotunn Skadi more then to be hunting while skiing in the snows of her beloved mountains. Yet, Skadi, Goddess of Winter Skiing, Bowhunting & Hunting, one of the most powerful mountain Jotunn when angered is not a woman to trifle with. 
When the gods of Asgard killed her father after he had captured the goddess Idunn (see: World Historyprof: My Golden Apples Restore Youth for more on this story), Skadi took up her wargear and set out to take bloody revenge on the gods.
After fighting her way to Asgard, the gods attempted smooth her anger through the time-honored traditions of offering Skadi reparations for her loss. Skadi refused their offer of gold jewels and other riches and countered with two demands to sedate her lust for revenge. First, the gods must make her laugh and second, she be allowed to choose one of the gods as her husband!

Loki was able to fulfill Skadi's first demand with an act that was both embracing and humorous. The gods then allowed Skadi to choose one of the gods for her mate. But she had to choose her male only by looking at their feet, as the rest of the god's bodies were hidden behind a curtain. While she did choose the most beautiful feet, she was surprised to find that they belonged to one of the oldest gods, the Vanir, Njord the God of Sea and Winds. So, a goddess of the mountains was wed to a god of the seas, a marriage of opposites that seemed doomed to fail, but that is another tale.
Skadi is a plastic piece 70mm (2.76 in.) that I painted last week.

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Happy Mother's Day


Who is better to wish all the moms out there a Happy Mother's Day then Hera, Queen of the Gods, Daughter of Kronus and Rhea, wife of Zeus, Goddess of Women, Childbirth and Marriage. 


                               May your day be special and full of peace and joy.

Saturday, May 11, 2024

Atlas the Ultimate Titan is FREE

The powerful Atlas has broken his bonds and is ready to rain down his vengeance on those who put him in bondage! Especially the hated Zeus.

Atlas the son of the Oceanid and the Titan Lapetus, leader of the Titanomachy war against the Olympian Gods condemed to 
hold the World on his shoulders for his action holds a deep-seated hatred for those same gods.
For uncounted centuries he has brooded and planed his revenge while holding the crushing weight upon his shoulders.
And now he is free, free to smash, crush mangle and destroy those who his tortured mind has blamed for his cruel punishment. 
Their destruction will be a soothing balm to the mind of the great Titan. So focused is Atlas upon his hatred that thought that he may once again be defeated and again imprisoned has never entered into his fevered brain. So, beware gods of Olympus Atlas is and angry...
Atlas is a 110 mm (4.33 inches) plastic piece I finished today.