Sunday, June 4, 2023

Gnome Who Guards the Queen

Gnome Gimlit Stonson, Palace Guard to Queen Pmkn ZZbl of Terre de Betes, greets all visitors to the court with a smile.
But don't let the smile fool you, for his heart of stone will buck no interference to his duties.
I painted this plastic piece this week.

Saturday, June 3, 2023

Beer Rule-Orc Style

After a hard day of fighting, looting, fighting, pillaging, fighting and more fighting, Orcs like to hit the Booze like any other warriors. So load up the Wartruck and bring on the beer.
The boys get the normal stuff while the Bosses get the "Flammable Intoxicating Green Homebrew Tequila in the extra strong green barrels," 
Nine barrels should starters, at least a dozen more wartruck loads will be needed to get the after battle really going.
I painted the wooden barrels and plastic Wartruck earlier this year.

Friday, June 2, 2023

May Pieces Painted

First figure painted in May-the Witch Baba Yaba
From the depths of time and space to the frozen battlefield of the Eastern Front, the figures I painted in May were quite varied and lots of fun to complete. All told I finished 75 pieces in May. The list includes: 2nd Century- 12 Roman Legionnaires, 17th Century- Pegleg Pirate, 19th Century- British Indian Mutiny Highlander Officer, French Zouave Infantryman & 2 Chinese Boxers, World War Two- M3 Halftrack with Driver & 3 Winter Russians, Gamer Terrain- Fish Statue, 3 Bells & 27 Battle Wounds Markers, Fantasy- Gnome Warrior, Skaven Warrior & Chaos Knight. Terra de Betes- Giant Panda, Yeti, T-Rex, Science Fiction- River Song (from Doctor Who) & 5 Battlefleet Gothic Cruisers, Crisis Protocol- Captain Marvel, Saberthooth and Wolverine. Horror- Halloween Scarecrow & 6 Killer Clowns on Unicycles.

Last pieces painted in May were these three Winter Russian WWII soldiers.

Thursday, June 1, 2023

The Original Rat Pack-Skaven

Skaven warriors bring an all new meaning to Rat Pack Member. They are nasty, almost rapid killers and should never be underestimated.
This is a single plastic piece designed in the latter 20th century that I recently found i my pits box and painted this week.


Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Pandas, Who doesn't love a Panda?

With a darlin face and huggable personality, what's not to love about the Giant Panda.
Yet at 150+ kilos (350 lbs) and up to 1.9 meters (6ft 3in) long they are also very impressive creatures.
This is a plastic piece I painted this month.

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

"SPQR-SPQR-SPQR-Legionnaires are the Boss!"

With the sure knowledge that they are the best soldiers in the World, these Imperial Legionnaires fear no one.
                                            After a light of pilums...
                             it's time to hit them with the Gladius!
Death to the enemies of the Empire, and glory for the Legion.

These are plastic pieces I painted this week.

Monday, May 29, 2023

"Red to Black Friend of Jack-Red to Yellow Kill A Fellow" Beware the T-Rex

Nature sometimes likes to warn of dangers through color schemes, as the title rhyme suggests. Sometimes Humans can influence the coloring as well.
Such is the case with this DNA-Genetic engineered T-Rex whose color combo is both a warning and a colorful attractor to a future mate.
                          This T. Rex has been named "Blddthrstr" by his enemies.
Blddthrstr is a plastic model from an old Jurassic Park board game that I painted up this week.