Monday, May 17, 2010

Constructing a Ruined Building Part One

Here are some step by step photos of a ruined building of the late 19th century design style. Starting with some figure box packing stryofoam, I broke off random chuncks and then formed the two main pieces into a corner design and glued them to a free form style base. The fourth photo shows the subflooring that will support the main wood floor and hide some broken water pipes to be added later. I have just started to glue down the wood floor in the upper section of the photo. In the last picture I have plastered the interior and exterior walls. Also visible are the corrner support stone designs that will be seen on two and a half of the corners. The one half section is on a partially ruined corner where the inner wall material is showing. Tomorow more detailing and the first painting begins.

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