Sunday, May 11, 2014

Skirmish in the Battle of the Frontiers, August 1914

In the early days of the Great War, two platoons meet in deadly ernest in the Battles of the Frontiers campaigns.
The Imperial German force- Command Squad-Lt., Sgt,3 pvts, two sections of infantry1st sgt 7 pvts, 2nd sgt 6 pvts, one section of Sgt and 7 Jagers, Sgt and 4 grenadiers, Maxim section0sgt, cpl, 3 pvts, sniper team-cpl, pvt.   The Germans have grenades and a siper team, but fewer men.
French Regulars, Command section-Lt, Sgt, 3 pvts, 2 sections of infantry each with sgt, cpl, 7 pvts, a section of infantry with sgt, cpl, 8 pvts, Chasseurs a Pied sgt, cpl, 8 pvts. Hmg section-sgt, cpl, 3 pvts. The French have six more men but no grenades or sniper.

8mm  French Hotchkiss HMG.
The deadly Maxim HMG, the German Platoons big hitter.

The forest of "protection" where three sections of Germans (infantry, Jagers and grenadiers)hide for most of the battle.
Command section, Maxim and Jager sniper team take cover in the ruined house while the 2nd infantry section  takes position to the left.

The lucky 2nd section.

French arrive on the board. Infantry take to the ruins and forest on the right.  The Hotchkiss sets up on the small hill near the middle.  While the Chasseurs take to the forest on the left (this turned out to be a big mistake).  The battle is ready to commence.

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