Wednesday, May 28, 2014

1914-Attacking Trenches is Really Bad News

The order of the day-ATTACK!
Intial losses are heavy...

but not as heavy for the French in their protective trrenches
But the French have fewer men so each lost harder felt.

Seeing what has happened to the rest of the force, the Jagers hunker down in some rough ground...

for the German left has been virtualy wiped out!  The few survivors crowd into a shell hole,

Thursday, May 22, 2014

1914 Trenches are Bad News!

Frontier lines between Germany and France, some hasty trenches, light wire entanglements and a small prewar concrete defense work. Held by an understrength platoon, a section of Chasseurs and two HMG's.
With time pressing, the end of the line is but wire and some light wood works, finished just in time as...
The first Germans have arrived, a strong platoon-five sections of infantry and Jagers, a section of Grenadiers, Command section and three HMG's 
The sight awaiting the attacking German's.
For France...
light trenches for the regulars...
while the chasseurs  and one HMG make due with hasty log works.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

USS Monitor-3D

Pride of the Union Navy, the ironclad warship USS Monitor.
The first warship with a rotating turret, the Monitor changed naval history.
This piece started as a 3-D printer design created by one of my 8th graders.

The ship was cast in two pieces, is 4 by 1.5 inches and took a little more than an hour to print.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Space Assualt Team

In the future assualt team can be mixed man and robot as it is in this team on a battered space hulk.

These are rather poor metal 25mm pieces from Mini Fig.  I painted them in the 1970's .

Thursday, May 15, 2014

On a far unknown planet, three elite Lzmnwrrrs assault troopers prepair to scout the planet for future conquest.
These Lzmnwrrrs are old Archive metal pieces that I painted back in the late 1970's.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

French Frontiers Battle Royal 1914

The Chasseurs have lost half their section including their sgt.

At least one German section is taking some casualties, but not the sniper.  Hit after hit lands but none wound this lucky and deadly shooter (He personally drops the French Lt., 3 sgts., 1 cpl. and a pvt.).

French casualties mount and still their "hits"fail to wound more tha half the time. The one French success is the elemination of the German Maxim section, right before the Germans wipe out the French HMG team.

The dreaded "10" another failed French to wound after a hit...15 times ugh!
Last of the Chasseurs
Soul survivor on the left...

Soul survivor on the right...

The last bastion of the French platoon.  Brave to the end not a single French soldier routed from the field-the fell defending Franch to the last man.
The end is here, the Germans finally advance from the cover othe forest the last French troops, now outnumbered 5 to 1 resist to the last...oh but for the luck of  gods....

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Battle of the Frontiers-First Blood

The French HMG and 1st section drop two privates but miss the sniper...bad news.
The Chassuers drop another invader of France.
The grenadiers rush a ruin to get closer to the French while A section and the Jagers cower in the protection of the wood (a lot more successfully than the French).
On the French right 4th section looses three men in the forest and one in the ruins.  German marksmanship is very good and about to get much better!
"SNIPER"-the last world Lt. Valois hears before the fatal shot takes down the leader of the platoon. the command section loses its sgt and a pvt as well.
Things are worse on the left where a cpl, chasseur and two more privates fall for France.  French marksmanship seems on target but hits are something wrong with the ammunition?

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Skirmish in the Battle of the Frontiers, August 1914

In the early days of the Great War, two platoons meet in deadly ernest in the Battles of the Frontiers campaigns.
The Imperial German force- Command Squad-Lt., Sgt,3 pvts, two sections of infantry1st sgt 7 pvts, 2nd sgt 6 pvts, one section of Sgt and 7 Jagers, Sgt and 4 grenadiers, Maxim section0sgt, cpl, 3 pvts, sniper team-cpl, pvt.   The Germans have grenades and a siper team, but fewer men.
French Regulars, Command section-Lt, Sgt, 3 pvts, 2 sections of infantry each with sgt, cpl, 7 pvts, a section of infantry with sgt, cpl, 8 pvts, Chasseurs a Pied sgt, cpl, 8 pvts. Hmg section-sgt, cpl, 3 pvts. The French have six more men but no grenades or sniper.

8mm  French Hotchkiss HMG.
The deadly Maxim HMG, the German Platoons big hitter.

The forest of "protection" where three sections of Germans (infantry, Jagers and grenadiers)hide for most of the battle.
Command section, Maxim and Jager sniper team take cover in the ruined house while the 2nd infantry section  takes position to the left.

The lucky 2nd section.

French arrive on the board. Infantry take to the ruins and forest on the right.  The Hotchkiss sets up on the small hill near the middle.  While the Chasseurs take to the forest on the left (this turned out to be a big mistake).  The battle is ready to commence.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Bianca Snow and the Space Pirates

Bianca and her space pirate crew are the scourge of many space lanes.

Never underestimate a pirate due to their size or gender-Bianca and her crew have left many broken bodies of those who did.

These were some fun metal castings from Archive that I pained around 1979. You may notice that Bianca has a striking simularity to a famous kidnapped heiress from the '70's, Archive had several pieces using this kind of humor.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Beware when the Worm Turns-he has a Lance

Urrumm Dumm Rumm elite warrior of the Red Banded Clan relies on his deadly venom tipped lance to bring death to the clans foes.

Urrum Dumm Rumm is a 25mm metal piece designed by Grenadier in the 1980's.