Tuesday, November 26, 2013


A tropical night somewhere near the contested boarders of the Imperial British Colony of Champa and the Imperial Nipponese Duchy of Khmer-Khampa  in South Indochina.

One countries Rebels anothers Patriots, Commander Shanee Aerogal (Regular/Heavy Automatic pistol) with 1st Section, 16th Anti-Colonial Rangers "Freedoms Guides." Commander Aerogal has simple orders, escort vital "trade goods" to the colonial border with Imperial Nippon and return with much need hard currency to support the revolt. Of equal importance are the valuable "intel" documents carried by Karl Volksman (Green/Rifle), they will gain an even higher price from certain Nipponese officials. The rest of the section, Jorge Fortebranco (Green/Rifle), Johan Himslimmer (Green/Tommy Gun) and Wilt Millson (Green/Rifle)stand ready to do their duty.
Captain Della a' Morte (Regular/Heavy Revolver), and her 2nd Section are responsible for scouting the safest path through possibly hostile territory.  All are skilled in tracking and field craft but lacking in military experience, Dodoje Roonveld (Green/Rifle), Bamse Roonveld (Green/Rifle), Blakly Hampton Quecumber-Sandwich III (Green/Rifle), and Kindle Looslead (Green/Tommygun).
Captain Suzie Highflier (Regular/Heavy Auto Pistol), has her "Elite" 3rd Section well in hand to handle any tough situation.  While feeling "Elite" the section actually has very little combat experience, Mia Pharrow (Green/Rifle), "Hot Shot" Mikkles (Regular/BAR), Jeanne Mortel (Regular/SMP) and Victoria Marksman (Green/Rifle).
The Rebels have no idea that their route has been discovered and a true "ELITE" force of Imperial SAS warriors have set up a very deadly suprise-Ambush. Commander Tyler Vadalink has assembled a hand picked force of professionals: Sgt. Gaberial Perksman and Cpl. Christian Bakminister both with Tommy Guns, Pvt. Hunter on the Bren LMG with his assistant Pvt. Cameron (Rifle), Pvt. Green has the Rifle Grenades and Pvt.'s Lucas, Adrian and Bryan with rifles and hand grenades. To the rear is the true commander of this elite force, the mysterious, and deadly, Sophia Matilda Hamilton, Countess of Nelson (Elite/Sword/Heavy Auto Pistol/Expert with Blade), Chief  Infield Agent of Southern-Eastern Asian Imperial Intel Office. All in all a deadly force of well trained Imperial warriors.

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