Tuesday, November 26, 2013


A tropical night somewhere near the contested boarders of the Imperial British Colony of Champa and the Imperial Nipponese Duchy of Khmer-Khampa  in South Indochina.

One countries Rebels anothers Patriots, Commander Shanee Aerogal (Regular/Heavy Automatic pistol) with 1st Section, 16th Anti-Colonial Rangers "Freedoms Guides." Commander Aerogal has simple orders, escort vital "trade goods" to the colonial border with Imperial Nippon and return with much need hard currency to support the revolt. Of equal importance are the valuable "intel" documents carried by Karl Volksman (Green/Rifle), they will gain an even higher price from certain Nipponese officials. The rest of the section, Jorge Fortebranco (Green/Rifle), Johan Himslimmer (Green/Tommy Gun) and Wilt Millson (Green/Rifle)stand ready to do their duty.
Captain Della a' Morte (Regular/Heavy Revolver), and her 2nd Section are responsible for scouting the safest path through possibly hostile territory.  All are skilled in tracking and field craft but lacking in military experience, Dodoje Roonveld (Green/Rifle), Bamse Roonveld (Green/Rifle), Blakly Hampton Quecumber-Sandwich III (Green/Rifle), and Kindle Looslead (Green/Tommygun).
Captain Suzie Highflier (Regular/Heavy Auto Pistol), has her "Elite" 3rd Section well in hand to handle any tough situation.  While feeling "Elite" the section actually has very little combat experience, Mia Pharrow (Green/Rifle), "Hot Shot" Mikkles (Regular/BAR), Jeanne Mortel (Regular/SMP) and Victoria Marksman (Green/Rifle).
The Rebels have no idea that their route has been discovered and a true "ELITE" force of Imperial SAS warriors have set up a very deadly suprise-Ambush. Commander Tyler Vadalink has assembled a hand picked force of professionals: Sgt. Gaberial Perksman and Cpl. Christian Bakminister both with Tommy Guns, Pvt. Hunter on the Bren LMG with his assistant Pvt. Cameron (Rifle), Pvt. Green has the Rifle Grenades and Pvt.'s Lucas, Adrian and Bryan with rifles and hand grenades. To the rear is the true commander of this elite force, the mysterious, and deadly, Sophia Matilda Hamilton, Countess of Nelson (Elite/Sword/Heavy Auto Pistol/Expert with Blade), Chief  Infield Agent of Southern-Eastern Asian Imperial Intel Office. All in all a deadly force of well trained Imperial warriors.

"Ambush!" - Advance into the Unknown

Having traversed through safe territory, the column of "trade goods" and "Freedom Fighter" escort enters territory that has not yet been scouted.
Having entered the forest with her command section Commander Aerogal has some doubts.  "Lets be on the safe side," she thinks as she sends Captain Della a' Morte's section forward in skirmish order. "Wait is that something moving in the ruined building?"
"LOOK OUT-RIFLE GRENADE!" But the warning comes too late for Bamse Roonvelt as it goes off at his feet. Yet while he is wounded he is still in action...
Until he is cut down by the expert shooting of Pvt. Lucas,  mean while Pvt. Adian on the second floor hits and pins Della a' Morte in the edge of the forest.  The Rebels have walked right into an ambush...but how bad of one?

Monday, November 25, 2013

"Ambush!" "He Did What?"

Things went bad on the right for both sides.  Pvt. Ethan's second rifle grenade shot went wild to his left and he was cut down by deadly .45 slugs from Kindle Looslead's Tommy Gun.  Then Jeanne Mortel was put Out of Action (OOA) by a crack shot from Pvt. Lucas who in turn is dropped OOA by a rain of hot lead from Johan Himslimmer's Tommy.  Finally, after "Hot Shot" misses with his BAR, Wilt Millson falls to the accurate fire Pvt. Adian.  Three rebels down to two SAS, acceptable losses especially since four Rebels in at the forest edge have spotted both Commander Tyler Vadalink and the Countess of Nelson sprinting across open ground towards the forest...easy pickings...right?
Commander Tyler Vadalink is felled by the accurate shooting of Victoria Marksman but the Countess leads a charmed life as all the shots at her miss.  Still a win for the Rebe..."He Did What?" Yes, Cpl. Christian Bakminister appears from hiding in the shell hole and with one very accurate long and deadly burst drops Dodoje Roonveld, Blakly Hampton Quecumber-Sandwich III  and Victoria Marksman, shattering the morale of the Rebels (never should have mentioned to Thomas that he could spread his three shots into three close targets-he rolled three ones to hit each and then rolled enough damage to put them all OOA-really have to take him to Vegas)
To add insult to injury, the Countess charges Mia (who misses two shots at the Countess)  knocks the Rebel out and captures her for later questioning.
The dead and captured as the Countess readies to charge Capt. Della a' Morte (still shaken from the first round of shooting). 
While Commander Aerogal ponders what to do, Karl acts and orders the porters caring the valuable "trade goods" to follow him back to safer territory.  With losses close to 50%, the Commander has no other option than to call her troops to gather the wounded and follow the fast disappearing Karl and the porters.  "Karl will have to be dealt with later for his insubordination" the thinks to herself.  Her battle lust sated, and seeing the remaining firepower of the Rebels for the first time, the Countess is content to let them retire as she regroups her remaining forces.
The bloody battlefield with the Bren LMG team and Sgt. Perksman shown in their dug in positions near the upper middle of the field. Pvt. Bryan is in the rough terrain in the upper left corner. The retreating porters are in the lower center.

Total victory for the Imperial forces.  For the loss of two men, Commander Tyler Vadalink and Pvt Lucas (Pvt. Ethan survived his wounds),  they captured one rebel, wounded two, killed four more, Dodoje Roonveld, Jeanne Mortel, Bamse Roonveld and Victoria Marksman (Blakly Hampton Quecumber-Sandwich III and Wilt Millson were the only wounded Rebels to survive) and drove the remainder back into the jungles where they belong.  For Commander Shanee Aerogal the entire episode was a fiasco.  She intends to have a word with command about sending green troops into combat against Imperial veterans and elites!  The only plus was that the valuable goods and intel survived and will be available for a latter attempt.

This was a fast, fun battle, just what Pulp fights should be.  Things were looking hard for the Rebels when Jeanne Mortel was taken OOA but dropping three of the SAS seemed to balance things out.  Then Thomas took out almost an entire section in one round-poof there went the ball game.  Seeing what Thomas did with only six of his troops, I hate to think what would have happened if the Bren LMG and second Tommy Gun had been in action as well.  It was a well laid ambush even if I had forced my way through the ruined building I would have been caught in a cross fire between the remaining Tommy, Bren and Riflemen...ouch.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bad Omen

Those who see the Red Menace find it to be a bad omen whixh is inforced byhis deadly axe.

Red Menace is a metal Ral Partha casting from the late 1970's.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Bad Mushrooms

Adventurers know to beware of strange plants and none is stranger than the "Shriller," one really bad mushroom. Able to stun or kill with its ear shattering cries, this is a fungus to be avoided at all costs.
The Shriller is a 1983 metal casting from Grenadier.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Ready to do their duty for King and Country, men of the Special Air Service (SAS) can tackle any enemy.
These are plastic pieces from Perry Miniatures.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Service without Peer

Being blind from birth has not hindered Galia, handmaiden to the great Lady Julia Drucilla.
Galia is a 28mm metal piece from Warlord.

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Rats, giant mutated rats, a problem for any low level adventurers. These are old metal 1980's design pieces from Grenadier.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

"Wine Sirs?"

Lydia, the serving wench with a flair. Wine and other treats are available for the right "price."

Lydia is a 28mm metal piece from Warlord

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sir Eustance H. Woodsman IV, late Lt. Colonel of the Colonial Canadian Guides has seen to much war and is ready for the peace and quiet of retirement...or maybe not, adventure was fun. Perhaps a little action in the private sector.
Sir Woodsman IV is a 28mm metal piece from Woodbine.