Saturday, June 8, 2013

Advance and be Recognised

The opening positions.  Due to a late start gathering his men,Sgt. Iosif Imabod and his Red Militia arrives after dark at Rubin Weis.  With the situation totally unknown, Iosif divides his men into two groups.  Cpl. Marat takes Sergei, Yakov, Vasily Abram and Dmtry up the main road.  While Iosif takes Cpl. Pavel, Yegor, Ilia, Trofim and Mikal through the rough terrain and the ruins on the right.
The Sisters of Divination are unaware of the intruders and continue to prepare the statue for removal. Prefect Vermell's Cleansing Squad is visible too their rear.
While the Cleansing Squad takes up defensive positions, the Sisters redouble their efforts to rope the statue to the awaiting tractor.  Rosa woman's the tractor under the watchful eyes of Prefect Vermell.
Sgt. Imabod's men advance and are lucky enough to sight some movement in the dig.  He orders his men to advance with extreme caution-Cpl. Pavel (directly in front of the Sgt.) disagrees and wants to advance at the run to catch the Counter Revolutionaries.
Cpl. Marat is completely unaware of the sighting (In his cautious state, Iosif forgot to send a runner to inform his left column of the suspicious movement ahead.) and advances at a fast walk down the road.
For the Red Militia the situation is still unclear, only Sgt. Imabod's men have seen any movement.  He has ordered his men into more defensive positions in the ruins and rough terrain while Cpl. Marat's force continues his advance down the road.  The Sister have successfully attached the rope to the tractor and more importantly they have sighted both forces of the Red Militia.  The Prefect is pleased and makes plans for their destruction and orders his men to quietly dig in.

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