Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Victory is in Our Grasp...or is it?

Pula grabs for the grenade...just as it goes off and he goes Out of Action (OOA).  The Prefect is unconcerned, the rest of the squad is doing well soon the last of the non-believers will be eliminated.
Pula's Flaming Death engulfs another militiaman, Dmtry.  But in a twist of fate, while burned and "slightly" on fire Dmtry is still standing!  Worse yet for the Sect of the Broken Ruby, Piros is shot by Cpl. Marat, hit by a grenade from Sergi and goes OOA.  On the right Rod's excellent shooting gives Yegor a heavy wound.  Meanwhile, Rosa has the tractor moving and succeeds in pulling the statue free.  Iosif's section scores another light wound on Sister Kulay but misses every other shot. Cpl. Pavel is livid, the Counter Revolutionaries are escaping with...something?
With a slow and gentle tug the Grand Sacred Blade is free... but not yet safe! (The pennies signify the figure has dug in, tails=light cover, heads=heavy cover. Red dice are the number of wounds a figure has received, white is shaken and brown is pinned.)
Prefect Vermell is no longer quite as confident, he has lost forty percent of his Cleansing force including two of his best weapons as well as one of the Sisters pinned and one OOA .  The statue is free but must be moved slowly...if only Sister Kulay could help.
Cpl. Marat and Sergei move to cover while Dmtry burns.  Marat contemplates the situation, his section is down to one man, but his Iron Will and Faith in the Revolution will bring Victory yet!
(Against all odds Marat has held his sections morale together under the worst possible conditions a true testament to his leadership-although seeking cover a couple of phases earlier might have helped even more.)

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