Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lost Dig Mystery

The mysterious dig in the ruins of the destroyed church of Krwawa Ofiara in the recently abandoned community of Rubin Weis. The tractor that uncovered the discovery is visible to the right.  The adventurers that made the discovery have...disappeared
The contested field.
Militia squad of the Southern Combine Soviet of the Eastern Solvenes. Master Sgt. Iosif Imabod, Cpl's Marat & Pavel (all Veterans), militia men Sergei, Yakov, Vasily, Abram, Dmtry, Yegor, Ilia, Trofim and Mikal (all are Green). All are armed with rifles and bayonets.  The militia men all have fragmentation grenades. 

Briefing:  Rumors have long circulated around the superstitious of strange happenings at Rubin Weis and its church.  Things came to ahead after the church and much of the village were destroyed in recent fighting between the Red Army and Tsarist forces.  Peasants have reported unauthorised excavations in the church ruins.  This is obviously a Counter Revolutionary plot.  Master Sgt. Imabod is ordered to take a squad of Red Militia to investigate the facts, uncover the plot against the State and capture the Counter Revolutionaries! 
Cleansing Squad of the Broken Ruby with a section of Divination Sisters. Guards of the 2nd Circle Rod (rifle, bayonet, tear gas grenades), Pula (Sacred Knife, Submachine gun), Prefect of the 2nd Circle Vermell commands (Sacred Knife, tear gas grenades and submachine pistol), Guards of the 2nd Circle Kuq (Sacred Knife, Submachinegun), and Purifier of Fire Piros (Sacred Knife Flaming Death)   All are Elite. 5th Circle Sisters of  Divination Rosa, Kulay and Sarts (Sacred Knife & Light Revolver) All are Green. 

Briefing:  From the Grand High Supreme Master of the First Circle of the Sect of the Broken Ruby to  his loyal minion, Prefect of the 2nd Circle Vermell. Inital digs in the ruins of Krwara Ofiara have located the lost statue of the Grand Sacred Blade.  All non-Sect members in the excavation team have been "cleansed," and three Sisters of Divination are in the final stages of retrieval, unfortunately word has reached us that a force of unbelievers are attempting to prevent our righteous actions.  Take your Cleansing Squad and protect the artifact, eliminate all intruders and return the artifact to your local Sect hideaway.

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