Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fire! Fire!! FIRE!!!

With a burst of fire from Piros' Flaming Death, Cpl. Marat's unit discovers they are not alone!  Vasily drops Out of Action (OOA) in flaming agony while Yakov is then cut down (OOA)  by an accurate burst of SMG fire from Pula.  Nonplussed Cpl. Marat fires and lightly wounds Piros. Unfortunately the rest of the section gives a ragged volley that misses badly. Even worse, upon seeing the loss of two friends, Sergi is pinned in fear and Abram is shaken. 
On the Militia's left, the sad remains of Vasily continue to burn and smoke.  On the right, having advanced slowly Iosif's men see the enemy firing and under Cpl Pavel's screams for action his soldiers send a volley that both misses the targets and exposes the entire section to the eyes of the Cleansing Squad.
With everyone sighted (except for the Prefect who has yet to shoot) massive weapons fire brightens up the battlefield. On the right, Sister Kulay is lightly wounded and  is pinned, Sister Sart is taken OOA, as are Ilia, and Trofim who fall to Kuq and Rod. Mikal panics and is pinned. On the left, Abram is the next victim to fall to Flaming Death, with no luck shooting Dmtry tosses a grenade that lands at the feet of Pula. The rest of the firing misses, while Rosa tries to start the tractor.
Fire engulfs Marat's men, while the grenade spins at the feet of Pula who desperately attempts to to grab it before it goes off...will he?
Hanging back from his men to "better direct" the action, Iosif contemplates his next move now that two men are down, one is pinned and he has lost contact with Cpl. Marats section. What on Earth has he he walked into??? 

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