Friday, June 21, 2013

Armored Train Engine-Protection in a Hostile World

Ready for action in more dangerous environs, the armored train steam engine. She is affectionately called Schnell Schildkrote (Fast Turtle) by her crew.
She is protected by a light shell shield of steel, enough to stop most rifle and machine gun bullets, over the engines vital areas.
Some visible damage on the right side panels demonstrates the value of the system built on a framework of studs with a narrow walkway on its top.  A light collision has even caused the right box of armor to sag on its bolts requiring additional short term additional bolts to be applied.
This is an old Lionel engine that was missing quite a bit of pieces. I picked it up at a swap meet.  Check the two previous posts, under Armored Train, to see what it looked like and how I changed its looks.