Monday, June 3, 2013


Seeing the success of Sergi's grenade, Cpl. Marat lobs his own at the tractor but falls short...right at the feet of the Prefect!  Without hesitation the Prefect deftly grabs the grenade and tosses it back at Marat.
"What the"...are Marats last words as he is taken Out of Action (OOA) by his own grenade!   Next to him Dmtry succumbs to the affects of the flames and goes OOA. In the left background Cpl. Pavel races forward.  His leadership calling for strong action motivates Sgt. Iosif', and the finally rallied Mikal to sprint forward towards cover near the dig.
Yegor is felled by eagle eye Rod, another Militiaman OOA.  Iosif is shocked by his losses but his Morale soars as he watches the last of his men advance fearlessly. Now behind the ruins Cpl. Pavel and Mikal ready grenades.
"Opps"...the last words out of Mikal as he fumbles with his grenade, drops it at his feet and is put OOA.  More practice for the Green troops would appear to be in order flashes through Iosif's mind as he ducks behind cover.  Cpl. Pavel as a veteran places his grenade directly into the dig...
Where Kulay, wounded, pinned and unable to pick up the grenade at her feet, enters a state of deep meditation before the inevitable.  A moment later she too is OOA with Sart.
Cpl. Pavel's success is short lived as he is blasted OOA with a perfect burst from Kug. Iosif is now alone...and filled with rage!  Little does he know that Sergi is still alive and also filled with patriotic fever as he takes careful aim at Rosa as she tries to drive away with the Grand Sacred Blade.
The situation seems secure for the Sect of the Broken Ruby.  Only two Soviets are left standing, fanatic Soviets that is that have only begun to fight.  The Prefect is in for a shock...

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