Sunday, June 30, 2013

Two Weapons from One Ore Car

Take one bulk ore car.
Add a fighting platform...
and you have an armored breast work for up to a squad of troops.
For heavier firepower an armored turret with 57mm cannon and light machine gun.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dark Angels Armor

In the future, Space Marines need armor support.
This Predator is a fast light armored heavily armed AFV that fits the bill.
Auto cannons, heavy lasers, and heavy bolters give massive fire support in a compact package.
The Predator is a solid vehicle and a valuable asset to the Dark Angels.
This a plastic piece from Games Workshop that I painted in the late 1990's.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Flatcar Firepower

In war trains often need protection, 
this flatcar has had a simple military modification for this mission, double lines of sandbags to offer the soldiers protection from rifle and machine gun fire.
  Protection that these German African Colonial Rifles are taking advantage of in hostile country.
This is another swap meet buy that is being modified to add to the armored train from previous posts.
This is what the flatcar looked like before a few coats of paint and sandbags.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Big Cat Strikes

Unsuspecting prey's worst fear, a Big Cat leaping for the kill.
Powerful with the ability to kill in a single pounce.
As majestic as it is lethal, the Big Cat is a perfect predator.
This is a metal casting about 25mm scale from Hobby-Que.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Armored Protection and Machine Guns Too!

Armored with steel plates and five machine guns, two on each side...
and one to cover the rear...
with lots of gunports for riflemen, this car is a key to the firepower of the armored train.
The side machine guns as seen from above.
This is the second conversion of Lionel scale train cars into an armored pulp adventures train.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

From Peacemaker to War Machine-the Caboose Transformed

Take one cheap Marx caboose...
add sheet armor, searchlight,  two armored light machine guns, and armored window gunports...
on both sides. 
More armored gunports...
and a heavy machine gun ball point mount.  On the sides you can see two of the light machine guns. Now it just needs painting. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Armored Train Engine-Protection in a Hostile World

Ready for action in more dangerous environs, the armored train steam engine. She is affectionately called Schnell Schildkrote (Fast Turtle) by her crew.
She is protected by a light shell shield of steel, enough to stop most rifle and machine gun bullets, over the engines vital areas.
Some visible damage on the right side panels demonstrates the value of the system built on a framework of studs with a narrow walkway on its top.  A light collision has even caused the right box of armor to sag on its bolts requiring additional short term additional bolts to be applied.
This is an old Lionel engine that was missing quite a bit of pieces. I picked it up at a swap meet.  Check the two previous posts, under Armored Train, to see what it looked like and how I changed its looks.

Armored Train Primed

Black primed, the finished piece will be a generic black with rusty iron panels so that it can be for any group rather than have a nation or RR specific color scheme.
The battle damaged section has sagged on its mounts and has seen hasty repairs.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

From Train to Armored Train-the Engine

I picked up this Lionel engine and a half dozen other pieces for nine dollars at the local swap meet
I decided to make this very used piece into an early 20th century armored train engine.  Four of the other pieces will eventually join until I have a full armored train.   The last piece is a complete engine that will remain unarmored.
First, the side panels...
with bolt heads added.
The armored  front and light...
with push arms and a second light added.
The far side has battle damage/repairs and additional bolts.
The scale looks passable for 28mm Pulp/Great War Era games. Next painting...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Really Big Polar Bear

"Some thing big is coming," thinks Sgt. Marat while on lonely patrol.
Luckily for the Sgt. the Polar Bear seems uninterested as he passes by.
And what Mad Science Mastermind created this massive beast?  Why none other than Dr. I. B. Seltsam the creator of the mammoth Gorb Haar.  He calls his latest creation "Riesigen Weißen Bären."

Sgt. Marat and Dr. I. B. Seltsam are 28mm metal pieces, by that scale, Riesigen Weißen Bären would be over 12 feet tall at the shoulder...ouch, what a perfect beast for Pulp Adventures.

Polar Bear

The greatest land predator of the Artic the Polar Bear (apart from humans of course).
He is a powerful and intelligent hunter.
This Polar Bear is a plastic piece I repainted and mounted on an ice flow.  I found the piece at a swap meet for the massive price of thirty-three cents.