Thursday, April 18, 2013

Power Faith Destruction - Judicator!

Advancing through the rubble of his latest victim, is the massive Judicator.
The Judicator is one of the greatest of all Menoth Warmachines.
Armed with tremendous firepower, massive armor and warmachine crushing fists, the Judicator smashes his way through those that would resist the Faith of the followers of Menoth.
The Judicator is armored front, rear and sides with the strongest metals known to the master craftsmen of Menoth.
Shields the size of regular warmachines protect the massive war fists.
Fearsome from any angle, the Judicator dominates every battlefield.
Don't look now Major Stappsman, but there's something big and scary behind you!
As the 28mm Major Stappsman demonstrates, the Judicator is a gigantic metal and plastic piece from Privateer Press.

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