Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Landing Craft

One of the workhorses of the Pacific, landing craft like this did everything from landing troops on hostile beaches, to supplying outposts and patrolling the myriad of islands.
This is on of the thousands of landing craft (ranging is size from those that could carry an infantry platoon to the largest that could carry vehicles up to the size and weight of medium battle tanks like the US Sherman).
Simple in design, with function rather than comfort being the over riding factor.
This example is rusting and worn from heavy use and has only the most rudimentary of life saving equipment.
This is a scratch built boat, mostly from balsa wood.  The life preservers are from green stuff, the metal cables are from fine gage wire, while the grill, smoke stack and pilots station are plastic.  To see the stages of construction check the Landing Craft WIP post.

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