Sunday, September 23, 2012

Landing Craft WIP

I decided to scratch build a landing craft-supply vessel of the type common to the inter-war years and Second World War.  So I started with the basic hull pieces.  The black piece will be a Japanese style pilots shield.  The vessel is a bit of a cross between a USN Higgins Boat and a IJN Dai Hatsu.  The idea being it's a heavily used and modified unit that has seen years of service.
The wood flooring is in.
Side hulls are up.
Ribbing, pilots shield and engine vents.
Here's the ramp and smoke stack.
Read to load up.
From the pilots view.
The scale is for 28mm pieces like this one.
Ready for finishing touch ups and painting. Start to finish the construction took less than two days (thank goodness for college and pro football and instant replay-the perfect background for building game terrain like this).

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