Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wolfen II, Hunters on the Trail

Hot on the trail of their next victims, a pack of Skinwalkers, some of the most feared of the Wolfen clans of the Circle of Orboros.
With the hunger of blood lust in their hearts and shapeshifter blood in their veins, they are deadliest of killers.
Ready to ripe and maim with weapons, tooth and claw, the skinwalkers live for the hunt and battle.
This unit has feasted well on the fallen and looks forward to their next hunt.
With battle lust in his eyes and a cry of defiance the leader of the pack calls them to their next combat.

These are all metal pieces from Privateer Press.


  1. Impressive! I can almost see them facing your pirates!

    1. Great Idea, I hadn't thought of them as seafarers, and now I think they would be a cool crew.