Monday, August 20, 2012

Power in a Word-Sanctifier

Leading the latest advance for the forces of Menoth, a powerful Sanctifier warjack.
One Sanctifier is brutal but two can be overwhelming.  Heavily armored and armed for close bashing combat these warjacks often form the core assault force of many an armed force of the religious forces of Menoth.
after the battle these units head back for maintenance and any need repairs.  Soon they will be in top battle readiness for the next engagement against the unrighteous.
These two have just returned for a series of battle at Gen-Con. They were part of Richard's army and saw a lot of action in the Warmachine Tournaments.  The red unit suffered serious battle damage in one of these battles (he was unlucky and fell of the table popping his arms off).
Both are plastic pieces from Privateer Press.

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