Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dragon Bones -The Asian Connection; Conending Forces

Rumors of a scientific breakthrough, code named "Dragon Bones," have reached Imperial Nippon Headquarters (INHQ).  A friendly agent has informed the INHQ that Dr. Hans Becherglas has set up a temporary lab near the junture of the borders of Mainland Nippon, and the colonies of German Imperial Indochina and French Southeast Asia. Lieutenant Tatsuya Mizune (auto pistol and katana) has been ordered to take a small Imperial Nipponese Navy (INN) patrol into German territory to attain data on Dragon Bones, and if possible convince Dr. Hans Becherglas to "visit" Imperial Headquarters.  At his disposal are Ensign Yoko Tsukasa (auto pistol and katana), Light Machine Gunner Akutagawa, and riflemen Mikuni, Sakai, Tsurata and Yachigusa, (rifle and bayonets).
Unknown to INHQ, a "Private Party" is also interested in the rumors of Dragon Bones.  Captain Patsy Seemaster (.445 Webly) has been "contracted" to do a little research into the background of these stories.  Her hand picked crew is assisted by  Lieutenant Commander Lewis V. Dartnell RNR (Auto Pistol), the "unoffical" Government representative. First Mate Bud Browman (rifle) keeps the crew in line. This is a tough job as he has to handle the likes of "Mad Eye" Swensda with his lovely Tommy Gun, Chief Engineer "Scot" Macantosh (a cool master of his BAR), and bully boys Jack Balance and Nyle Kadet (rifles).  Any information will earn financial rewards for the captain and her crew.  As an added bonus, the crew has eyes on liberating some of the finest liqueur in the region from the local brewery.  
Local security for the good Doctor and his experiments falls to Oberleutnant (1st Lieutenant) Karl Kriegsmank (Mauser machine pistol) and his seven Jagers - Achim, Dieter, Ernst, Eugen, Gunter, Hannes and Tinker (rifles and bayonets).   Karl has a well used Ford Model to assist him while on patrol of the village and its environs.
The brewery crew includes Sébastien de Tassigny, master brewer (heavy revolver) his good friend Bruno Schultzschalter (automatic pistol) portman Iman D'zul (heavy dagger) Johan Braumeister, owner (double barrel shotgun) and hiding in the court yard, Katrina Barpige the barmaid (a stout bottle club of Braumeister '29).  The brewery is full of barrels of vintage liqueurs.
The center of the rumors, Dr. Hans Becherglas ("hand bombs") and his assistant the mysterious Rikki Spimaser (auto pistol).  Oberst (colonel) Ewrin Dikkmann (Luger) and his aide Shultz (rifle and bayonet) keep a governmental eye on the doctor and his discoveries.  Dr. Hans has been forced to locate in this remote location due to the special circumstances of his gaining the "Dragon Bones"  from Kapitän Himmelskrieger and his air troopers (see DB Adventure in the labels section).  He wants to finish his initial studies and then move the specimen to proper research facilities in a more civilized environment.

All the pieces are  28mm metal.  The Germans are from Renegade Figures the Nipponese scientists and British are from Pulp Figures.  The brewery are  Foundry- Iman & Johan, Warlord-Katrina, Renegade-Sebastien and Pulp-Bruno.  The game will be using my own Pulp Fiction Rules.

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