Monday, August 13, 2012

Dragon Bones-the Asian Connection: "Where's the Doctor"

Midnight, at the outskirts of the small village of Kriegsburg, German Indochina Colony.  Two rival bands of scout-raiders approach in search of Dr. Has Bercherglas and his Dragon Bones data. But where is he?  Both parties know he is somewhere in this part of the village but not the specific location.  Captain Patsy Seemaster and her crew are in the fields in the upper left, Lt. Tatsuya Mizune and his Nippon sailors are in the forest in the upper right. In the brewery, in the lower right, Iman D'zul is loading the truck and Katrina Barpige is tapping one of the barrels in the courtyard. 
Lt. Tatsuya Mizune and his men approach the village in a stealthy manner.  Shooting is to be at a minimum-blades are to be the weapon of choice orders the lieutenant.
To speed up the search, Captain Patsy has divided her men into two groups.  Lt. Commander Dartnell, RNR, takes the BAR and Tommy Gun men and heads to the large barn while Captain Patsy and her riflemen check out the smaller barn-which also happens to be closer to the brewery and it's liqueur supply.
Lt. Tatsuya Mizune decides to avoid the heavily bared barracks and heads for the two story house.  The good doctor is known to enjoy the finer points of life and would surely prefer the amenities of a home to the austerity of a barracks.
Oberleutnant Karl Kriegsmank takes his position of security chief seriously, even in this God forsaken colonial dump.  The arrival of the doctor and his "Dragon Bones" abomination (seen in the paddock to the right)  has added a little excitement to the dull frontier life but is not the action fill adventure he longed for when he joined the Jagers after the Great War.  Still he is a professional so a random patrol is according to the book, besides he enjoys driving.  He just wishes that the rest of the men would keep up with his slow moving car, they are Jagers after all!
Captain Patsy halts her men when she hears the unexpected arrival of a vehicle.  Luckily the dark conceals the captain and her men but she is unhappily surprised to see the the car is the local security commander on a night patrol.  The captain can only hope  Lt. Commander Dartnell sees or hears the approaching car as well.
The INN have also seen the lights of the approaching car (just visible on the road to the upper left)  and Lt. Tatsuya Mizune sets up a little surprise should the vehicle pass his men's position.  With his rear covered the Lieutenant readies to enter the house in search of the doctor and his secrets.
Wanting to be diligent in his duties, Oberleutnant Kriegsmank drives down the side street rather than head directly to the barracks and a well deserved sleep. Hearing the approaching car, Dartnell has his men lay down in the rough ground.  Silently he signals them to cover the road.

With luck on his side, LT. Mizune and two men sneak into the house without alerting Shultz, the sleeping German guard. As the Nipponeses surprise Shultz; Tinker, the Jager in the patrol car glances to his left and spots the three British men in the rough ground. Tinker fires a shot while yelling a warning to his commander.
Waking with a start from the sound of the rifle fire, the dozing Shultz is shocked to see hostiles inside the house! Yet his survival skills honed in the Great War take over and he snap shoots the nearest sailor and in a lucky hit takes him out of action (OOA). In response, seaman Yachigusa fires back (his anger at seeing his friend  Sakai hit over rides his commanders orders-the punishment will be severe), hitting Shultz in the forearm.  Rikki, an experienced agent, realizes the danger and orders the doctor to get behind her as she readies her pistol.  But does she have any other plan than fighting?  Oberst Dikkmann is slower to respond to the unexpected gunfire.

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Having been seen, Dartnell and his men riddle the car with automatic fire.  At near point blank range the heavy rifle and SMG rounds easily smash through the unarmored car,  even the Mauser machine pistol rounds punch home. In a bout of good luck (for the British) the Oberleutnant is riddled by .45 cal slugs from the Tommy Gun as well as .30.06 rounds from the BAR. (After Tinker missed, the return fire by Dartnell's men scored seven hits out of eight shots fired and all but one hit the unfortunate oberleutnant)
While the hard of hearing D'zul continues to load the delivery truck, Katrina rushes into the brewery shouting that the quiet night has been shattered by gunfire...lots of gunfire!

The battle continues...

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