Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dr. Atomicus and his Atom Blaster

Armed with his latest creation, the Atom Blaster Hand Cannon Mark IV - "the Blue Death," Dr. Butio Atomicus is ready to lay waste to those fools who said he was crazy-Ha Ha HA HAA HAAAAA!
Just because the Marks I-II and III had slight "problems" and several labs were reduced to blue rubble, is no reason to doubt his sanity or his creations power.  "Yes the doubters will pay for their lack of faith in the GREAT DR. ATOMICUS!"
"Now if I could only find my way out of this ruined lab."

Dr. Atomicus is a 28mm metal piece from Pulp Figures.  He the first of my new batch "Mad Scientist's" for Pulp Fiction and Steampunk games.

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