Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Even Captains need cabin girls

Captain Mimi Rouge has special responsibilities as leader of a bloodthirsty crew of pirates so she relies on a trio of cabin girls to meet her daily needs of life at sea. Sophie, Leah and Viola are capable and loyal retainers.

With her trusty companion Peppy always at her side, Captain Rouge relies on her girls to keep Peppy preened, fed and happy. Sophie has a special connection with Peppy and is his favorite handler.
All three girls were rescued from slave ships, and Captain Rouge trusts them unconditionally, she knows they would fight to the death for her.

Captain Mimi Rouge is from Reaper, Sophie and Viola are from Warlord and Leah is from Ral Partha, all are metal. Leah is 25mm scale the rest are 28mm.


  1. Great looking figs! Gotta get to my pirates soon! Strange Aeons and 40k has been eating most of my painting time and the Western figures keep giving me the evil eye.

    1. Thanks, I do love my pirate girls. Western is also looking interesting to me, an added plus is that Western can also be used in some 19th century colonial adventures.