Thursday, January 12, 2012

Patrol Meeting Hot Lead and Bad Ammo

As bullets fly, Hans Brinkers feels justified in his caution as both Mac Browny and Rudolf Hesdarmant receive light wounds while in the open by accurate fire from the British soldiers.

Who are these men, thinks Tyr as he too is hit as he ducks behind a downed tree while Mac and Rudolf likewise cling to what cover they can find.

Field Commandant Olaf Burkson can't believe his eyes as the fire of his own team seems to miss every mark! Multiple rounds of fire seem to have slightly wounded only one or two of the oppressors. What's wrong with the ammo the quartermaster gave his troops anyway?

Feeling luck and numbers are on his side, Captain Fenworth-Parksman orders his men to follow him forward.

Pvts. Fredmann, Ulrich, and Youngfellow give rapid cover fire for their fellows. 

Tyr, Mac and Rudolf duck behind any cover possible as bullet after bullet slams into their meager cover. If only they had dug in like Hans runs through the mind of each man, now they have no time as they fire on the enemy as fast as they can. The British continue to advance while giving accurate fire. Burkson is flabbergasted as the fire of his own troops continue to fail to find their targets.
"Take that you Brit," cries out Rudolf as he hits Pvt. Ienans-with a light wound, as the latter and Pvt. Gonder sprint towards Rudolf's position.  Perhaps the spate of bad ammo has been used up-tomorrow will tell the tale.

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