Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Little Cannon Shot...goes a Long Way

"Small cannon, deadly shot" is the motto of Ben Lanayard and Kilo Smalarts, pirates of renown and their 9 pounder cannon "Scharfe Fang."

Ben and Kilo are proud of their 9 pdr and the damage they can do to the targets they are paid to demolish.

Their short barrel 9 pdr is a bronze piece with an effective range of 300 yards.

At close range of 30 yards or less they will often double shot to punch through tough targets or ball and grapeshot if facing hordes of enemy fighters.

Ben, Kilo and "Scharfe Fang" are welcome additions to any crew of pirate raiders on the make for quick booty.
Ben, Kilo and Scharfe Fang are metal pieces from Privateer Press and fit in well with 28mm scale figures. Ben and Kilo they crew a black powder canon, a very dirty business, I decided to paint them in muted colors rather than the brighter ones I usually use for pirates.

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