Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ivory-Treasure to Fund My Good Works

Carrying supplies and valuable elephant ivory (gifts from grateful tribes), Dr. David Livingstone's expedition heads to his next mission hospital in the heart of Africa.

Eventually he will trade the ivory for much needed medical supplies to help the poor tribal peoples the colonial governments largely ignore.

Travel in the brush was slow and dangerous but the good doctor cares not for the trials and tribulations of the journy, they are nothing in comparison to the work God has sent him to accomplish.

In his day Dr. Livingstone became a living legend and increased the interest of the European World into the plight of the peoples of Sub Sahara Africa.

Dr. Livingstone and his safari are 28mm metal pieces from Foundry.

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  1. Copplestone`s darkest Africa range (for his own and for Foundry) have to be some of the nicest sculpts around