Friday, September 16, 2011

Introducing the Marvelous Multiplying Renaissance Knights

One knight in Imperial armor stands guard.

Double the guard is the command now given.

Four are so much better than two.

Doubled again-hey wait-what's that guy in silver doing here?

A full squad of ten in (all correct in gold now) is ready for the lords commands.

Two squads of ten are even better (that silver guy finally found the right unit).

What the heck three squads are even better and can easily handle any situation.

Every company must have an officer in charge.

See I'm fully armored front and back.

The entire company stands ready for review.

These are Ral Partha 25mm metal pieces. I painted them up in the late 1970's when I needed a palace guard for Medieval Battles, D&D and later the original core of my Warhammer Imperial Army (eventually swapped out by larger - and better painted- GW pieces).

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