Wednesday, August 31, 2011

RIP Greg

Farewell to former USMC Vietnam War Era veteran and a long time friend, Greg Staie (1947-2011). The time went to fast my friend-Sempe Fi.

CSS Skeered A' Nothing WIP

The CSS Skeered A' Nothing, begins as a simple casement design warship.

The initial armor deck planking is in place.

The casement is now covered with armor.

The engine vents, stack and black primer have been applied.

Two guns, armored gunports,deck hatches, and bridge are all visible.

Secondary gunport covers and rivets-lots of rivets have been added.

How the swiveling secondary gunport works is visible on the bow cannon.

Ready for painting.

Last coat of black primer and first drybrush of gunmetal, pewter and silver to follow.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Oger here Oger There

Having an Oger, especially the more vicious females, as part of your crew is a real bonus in broading actions. Gorga Harradbak is no exception,she has cleaved her way through many a serious combat.

Gorga is a metal piece from Reaper.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Noman Archers - long range power for the Duke

Four Norman archer men-at-arms give the Duke of Normandy long range killing power to enforce his will.

These are 25mm metal pieces from Minifigs that I painted with Testors paints back in the 1970's. Some of them show a bit of damage from the heavy wargame and D&D use they received over close to twenty years of fun gaming.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Obest Rolf Leads-Never Follows

Obest Rolf believes in leadership, he never sends his men where he would not go first. Armed with a .45 Webly heavy revolver (a pre-war gift from a British cousin)he leads his troops on the back of his favorite charger, Rot (Red).

Obest Rolf is a 28mm metal piece from Renegade Figures.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Oil Doesn't Find Its Self

Between the Wars the need for more and more oil to fuel the industrial growth of the World was of paramount importance to the leaders of Standard Oil. To search for oil in ever more distant lands a series of all wheel drive exploration trucks were developed.

Here one of their number has seen yeoman work in the never ending search for the elusive black gold.

This truck is a die cast metal piece from Lledo. I painted on details, added the pipes and railing on the roof and painted her to look as if she has been to the far corners of the Earth on her never ending search for oil.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mr. Walls believes in firepower

Mr. Walls is a walking firestorm of black powder pistols. His motto is never shoot once when you can shoot twice.

The men under his command know to never cross him, his violent temper is legendary.

When the fighting is done Mr. Walls is responsible for dividing up the loot. He is a hard man but fair. No crewman has every accused him of cheating his shipmates (actually no crewman who wants to go on living that is).

Mr. Walls is a metal pirate from Privateer Press.

German Dragoons-WIP

A squadron of Imperial German Dragoon armed with rifles and lances showing their initial colors. Yes, all the European Armies sent their cavalry into battle armed with lances and or swords vs machine guns, rapid fire cannon and modern rifles.

These are metal 28mm pieces from Renegade figures.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Have Tires-Will Travel

In the action packed Pulp World tires get shreaded, punctured and blown all the time, slowing down pursuits and get-a-ways. No need to worry, Atlas Tires is ready to lend a hand with all your tire needs.

The bane of most vehicles, the flat tire, is solved by this Atlas Tire Ford A that will bring aid where needed. While bringing aid to those in need is the motto here-obviously clean your vehicle is not.

Yes, it also uses the infamous Standard Oil products too.
This is a die cast metal piece from Lledo, that I have touched up then messed up a bit to give it that well used feel.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Beware the Tower of the Dead

Animated dead wizards prepare to attack the world of the living from their Tower of the Dead.
Using mystic powers and ancient weapons they rule their world through terror.

Their ancient magics have called up the first of an army of skeleton warriors.

The wizards are metal and the skeleton is plastic from Games Workshop. I painted them in the late 1990's.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Mr. Walls WIP

Mr. Walls armed to the teeth with pistols, stands ready to blast his way through his crews latest boarding action.

Mr. Walls is a metal piece from Privateer Press.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Revanche (Revenge) is the private plane of Verte Vipere (see "Verte Vipere-Revenge for the helpless") that she uses in her fight against evil.

The high powered engine can reach speeds in excess of 200 mph. Synchronized twin .30 cal Browning machine guns are mounted above the engine.

While Revanche also carries four fifty pound bombs on her wings her main killing weapon is the powerful Zarkoff Death Ray.

The Zarkoff Death Ray is conveniently mounted in front of the pilots seat. It fires a deadly bolt of energy up to 1/4 mile.

Revanche is a 1/72 scale plastic model of the US Army Air Corps P6 Hawk biplane that I modified into this monoplane.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Horn of Roll-land the Not So Ready

Etel-Unready and Roll-land, two valiant but rather unlucky warriors stand ready to do their lords bidding.

Etel-Unready and Roll-land, were two of my early D&D figures that I painted in the 1970's. They are 25mm metal pieces from Grenadier.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Ha, My AFV is Bigger than Your AFV!

Size isn't always everything but in AFV's it is a great way to intimidate your opponent.

The stories for the to AFV's are in previous posts:"Dr. Nicoli Rasputkant's Marvelous Semi-floating Juggernaut" and "SMLS Hagen-Armored Land Power for the Kaiser"
The metal 28mm adventurer is from Reaper and has been seen earlier here: "California Nick-Adventurer Professor"

Sunday, August 14, 2011

You Really Don't Want to Make Me Angry!

When angry or threatened, Kromac the Ravenous transforms into his massive beast form.

Filled with a killing frenzy, those in his path must choose between death or flight.

This large casting Kormac is a metal companion piece to the human size piece seen in the precious post "You Think I'm Tough Now...Just Wait"

Here we see the two forms of Ravenous together for size comparison.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

You Think I'm Tough Now...Just Wait

Kromac the Ravenous is a warlock of the Circle of Orboros with powers over both the mind and body.

When he is calm he appears as a man sized beastlord with great strength.

But when he becomes full of battle blood-lust he can change into a much greater creature. In the next post we will find out how massive he can be.

Kromac is a metal piece from Privateer Press.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

From East to West being a Pirate is the Best

Macal Dujublaa has sailed under the Jolly Roger from Manila to Port Royal. Being a pirate is the only life he has ever known. He lost his left eye in an action (bar fight with a women scorned)in San Juan.

From the balmy South Seas to the freezing North Atlantic, Macal has honed his skills and become a valued member of every ships company he has joined.

Macal is a 28mm metal piece from Privateer Press.