Saturday, July 30, 2011

Verte Vipere-Revenge for the helpless

Verte Vipere (Green Viper) is the secret identity of Marie Montcalm, beautiful assistant to the Deputy of Foreign Affairs in an important West European Capital.

Using her government position for information, she brings the wrath of revenge on those who act above the law of civilized behavior.

Armed with her twin fangs (Colt .45 automatics) a bullet resistant cape and the agility of her acrobatic parents, Verte Vipere strikes quick and with deadly force.

Vestre is full of compassion for those in need but is a cold killer of those who do evil.

Many sleep better (except for the occasional gunfire and explosions) knowing that Vestre Vipere walks the night protecting those of good heart.

Verte Vipere is a 28mm metal piece from Reaper Figures.

1 comment:

  1. A nice -and, if I may, rather comely- female justice hero (NOT 'heroine': heroines scream and have to be rescued) with secret identity. More of the Batman than of the Zorro type, seemingly?