Sunday, July 31, 2011

Beastman WIP

Two beastmen are being readied for combat against the enemies of Orboros.

These are metal pieces from Privateer Press.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Verte Vipere-Revenge for the helpless

Verte Vipere (Green Viper) is the secret identity of Marie Montcalm, beautiful assistant to the Deputy of Foreign Affairs in an important West European Capital.

Using her government position for information, she brings the wrath of revenge on those who act above the law of civilized behavior.

Armed with her twin fangs (Colt .45 automatics) a bullet resistant cape and the agility of her acrobatic parents, Verte Vipere strikes quick and with deadly force.

Vestre is full of compassion for those in need but is a cold killer of those who do evil.

Many sleep better (except for the occasional gunfire and explosions) knowing that Vestre Vipere walks the night protecting those of good heart.

Verte Vipere is a 28mm metal piece from Reaper Figures.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Sword or Pistol, You Choose...

Jepard D'landry, pirate and rouge offers his opponents a choice on how to die.

Jepard has his own code of honor, which ever weapon an enemy uses on him he will use on them. His shipmates feel that this is a silly notion as the goal is to finish off you opponent quickly with any weapon at hand. Jepard just laughs, and replis that it makes the duels more entertaining.

Jepard is a metal piece from Privateer Press from their Warmachine Mercenaries line.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

We Chose Red

Four former Imperial Russian soldiers have joined the Red Army in the Russian Civil War. After three years of the Great War they now must face an unknown future of war vs the White Armies.

The cold is a bitter enemy as the White Army, so these men have bundled themselves as best as possible.

These are 28mm metal pieces from Brigade Games.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

SMLS Hagen-Armored Land Power for the Kaiser

The earliest Imperial German attempt at a Armored Land Ship is the SMLS ( Sublime Majesties Land Ship) Hagen.
She is made of thick iron plating and armed with a field cannon and two of the newly invented Maxim machine guns.

Twin stacks vent the heat and smoke from her steam engine.

Being the first, SMSL Hagen looks somewhat crude compared to the most current designs. Crude or not she has demonstrated her worth on several fields reaping glory for the Empire.

SMLS Hagen is a remodel I did of a metal Warhammer tank from GW. See the previous post "SMLS Hagen WIP".


I bought this Games Workshop Empire "tank" at a yard sell and desided to do a simple and fast conversion of it into a VSF/Space 1889/Steampunk AFV. I didn't strip off the old paint as I wanted it to look crude. Here I have added washers over the wooden wheels and as the top of the commanders cupla.
It will be converted into the SMLS (Sublime Majesties Land Ship)Hagen (the killer of Siegfried). Here I have added washers over the wooden wheels and as the top of the commanders cupola.

The commanders hatch and two Maxim machine guns have been added, as well as the hubs for the wheels. The initial frame for the battering ram is also visible.

The base model is metal from the Warhammer Empire line from Games Workshop

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Even an Elf can be a Pirate

From the rear Brightiis Lightsinger looks like many a handsome pirate filly.

Only when you come face to face with her does one see the telltale ears and complexion of her elf heritage Brightiis is so proud to defend with her sword and pistol.

Brightiis is the 28mm metal piece Finaela, Half-elf from Reaper Figures.

Monday, July 25, 2011

White or Red, it's a Choice of Politics

Coming out of the predawn gloom, a force of Russian soldiers advance towards heir enemies. In the violent post Great War Russia two political sides fought for control of the former Empire. Reds supported the new Soviet government while Whites were against them.

One of the greatest advantages of the Reds was that the Whites were never fully organized under one unified command or ideology.

Both sides were initially armed and equipped with what ever equipment was available. Many, such as this unit, used former Russian military equipment as the Imperial Army broke up into rival civil war factions.

These are 28mm metal Russian Civil War Soldiers from Brigade Games "Storm in the East" line.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

High Fashion-Pirate Style

Hihcort Mchafman, pirate adventurer, knows that one does not have to give up a fashionable wardrobe just because one is a pirate.

Dressing to the nines is as vital to Hihcort as are his musket and broadsword.

Hihcort Mchafman is the metal pirate piece Aroudj Firebeard from Reaper Figures "Pirates of the Dragonspine Sea" line of miniatures.

Friday, July 22, 2011

California Nick-Adventurer Professor

California Nick-Adventurer Professor is a man of action in search history and danger.

Armed with his whip, heavy revolver, machete and pistol handle shotgun, California is ready to handle any situation while searching for lost treasures. The ancient Roman Legionnaire helmet at his feet is one of his latest finds.

California Nick-Adventurer Professor is a 28mm metal piece from Reaper Figures.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

When he Bosun Say "Jump!"-You Jump!

Bosun Grogspar bucks no guff from his crew. Those who don't move fast enough soon get the point of his hook to encourage them.

For those who are his enemies, the point he gives them come from his handmade harpoon gun.

Grogspar is not a trollkin to be taken lightly-he is fast to anger and strikes with deadly skill.

The Bosun is a metal piece from Privateer Press for their pirate mercenary armies.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Battle Damage-What Battle Damage?

Surrounded by destroyed warmachines the battle dammage to this massive Menoth machine does appear slight.

By double clicking on the pictures you will see the corrosive combat damage done to his left side.
\Another metal piece for Richard's Warmachine Menoth Army.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Yo Ho Ho a Pirates brother am I

Pale Face is the younger (by two minutes) brother of Cut Face Pikeman. Both have taken to the seas as pirates.

Pale Face gained his nickname when compared to the ruddy complexion of his older brother. The latter has the ruddy skin of his Indian mother while the former has his fathers lighter tint.

Perhaps due to the constant teasing he has received over his lighter coloring, Pale Face is a brutal and pitiless fighter, surrender is not a word he accepts.
Pale Face (Skylark) Pikeman is a metal piece from Privater Press for their pirates line of Warmachine mercenaries.

Yo Ho Ho a Pirate am I

Cut Face (Ernest) Pikeman is the elder of twin brothers who have taken to the waves for their fortune.

Cut Face is known for his fearless acts in every boarding action and wears the scars of his fights with great pride.

Son of an English sailor and Indian mother Cut Face has his others hue and his fathers love of the sea.

Cut Face Pikeman is a metal piece from the pirate mercenaries of Privateer Press.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Where's the Fuel-Opening Moves

Having received orders to secure the fuel depot, Lt. Gratte sends Sgt. Roc's fire team to advance on the site. Lt. Gratte's team will cover them from the right. S-2 has informed the Marines that all friendly forces have vacated the area so any troops sighted are to be considered hostile. Sgt. Roc leaves Baker to cover the rest of the team as they advance. A good thing too as seeing movement, Baker opens fire on the Russians.

Commissar Redenglory has only one priority-the fuel needed to complete his mission with the PRAM Dragon Bones. His informant has bribed the local militia leader to pull his troops from the area. No resistance is expected, still Ivan orders his sailors to advance with caution taking advantage of the available cover. He is unpleasantly surprised by the accurate rife fire of the Marines pinning two of his sailors.

As shooting erupts, Lt. Gratte advances his team through the ruins. Jones is ordered forward to give supporting fire to the sgt's team.

Lt. Salinski is all for rushing the counter revolutionaries. Ivan overrides him, for the moment, and orders his sailors to open fire on the Marines.

The object of both forces the fuel depot with a fully loaded petrol truck.

The petrol truck has seen lots of use, but is still drivable.

The commander of the Marine fire teams, USMC Lance Corporal Thomas Wall, oversees the battlefield.

Without taking proper aim with his BAR, Lcpl Dedii lets off a burst that misses the Russians. Worse still one of the errant shots ricochets off a wall and fatally wounds Sgt. Roc! (Having rolled a critical miss, Thomas rolled on a special miss table. The result was hit a nearby friend. The BAR round then took Roc, who failed his luck roll, OOA-Out Of Action. Thomas was now down his best man and heaviest weapon. Things suddenly looked a lot harder for the Marines.) To be continued in Midgame.