Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's Called a "Battleship" for a Reason

A sight to fill the heart with dread-the mighty Shroud Mage Battleship "Enchantress Le Fey" closing at full speed with guns primed.

The powerful broadside and might bow ram of the "Enchantress Le Fey" stand ready to deal death and destruction upon her enemies.
Tomorrow the 57th Shroud Mage Battle Squadron assembles.
"Enchantress Le Fey" is a resin casting from Spartan Games for Uncharted Seas.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011-So Much Sacrifice-Thanks and God Bless

The backwards boots and empty saddle.
The fallen hero we owe so much.

The cost of freedom is so high.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Revenge Shall Be Ours

Seeking revenge for the destruction of their frigate squadron, the cruisers, Sorcerer, Wizard and Master scour the Uncharted Seas for suitable victims.
Heavily armed and protected by thick metal armor, the cruisers commanders feel confident they can handle any situation.
In staggered column formation, guns cleared and steam up, the squadron charges into action.

All three ships are resin castings from Spartan Games. While designed for Uncharted Seas, they are very suitable for VSF and Steampunk ship games as well.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The "Queens Duty" must get Through

The Mage frigates have caught up with the "Queens Duty" and her escort.

The three martyr frigates head into the wind to try to close with the Mage frigates.

First blood is drawn as good shooting sinks the two lead Mage frigates "Bewitched" &, "Voodoo."

Return fire sinks two of the Imperial frigates "Temptation" & "Sacrifice,", but "Temptation" manages to set of her suicide charges destroying itself and the two lead Mage frigates "Rapture" & "Sorcery." (Luck was with the last Imperial frigate "Redemption" as while she to was in the blast radius of the exploding "Temptation" the attack dice only caused one hull hit. As all the frigates had only two hull hits before they sunk, this was a true stroke of luck as she was available for the next turn.

Pressing on, the two remaining Mage ships target the "Queens Duty," smashing round after round into her hull. But she still makes way, turning to bring the remains of her starboard battery to bear. (The Mage ships would have been smarter to finish off the damaged "Redemption,"
rather than fire at medium range at the "Queens Duty").

The last human frigate, "Redemption," tacks into the wind and closes with the two Mage ships, "Enchantment " & "Conjuration." The crew sets off the magazine charges and destroys its self and its two enemies. (The blast radius is four inches and after what happened to earlier, the Mage commander should never have kept his two remaining ships so close together).

Damaged but still under sail, the "Queens Duty" full fills her vital mission. (Throughout the game the Imperial ship won initiative which limited the better firepower of the Mage ship.)
This was just a solo test battle for the Uncharted Seas. All the pieces were resin.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Repel Boarders!

At the cry "Repel Boarders," pirates main the railing with pistols and blades.

An action scene with some of the cool metal Privateer Press pirates.

Witch or Angry Bit...

Angora Hexcastor is a survivor of many wars that have ravaged her country and she isn't going to take it anymore!

She is armed with a massive sword she took off the body of a cavalry trooper deserter who tried to take too many "liberties" at her expense. It was his last mistake.

Angoa is an old (1970's), rather poor detailed metal Grenadier casting that I painted in the late 1980's.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sea Hunters

A patrol of Shroud Mage frigates hunt the Uncharted Seas for easy targets. On the horizon Imperial ships are just visible, "Hard About, Ahead Flank Speed to Intercept," is ordered.

Forming into three columns in line ahead formation, squadron leader "Bewitched" starts the chase. Will they over take the prey before the hunted can fine safety in the sea mists?

"Clear for Action, Form Columns of Twos, Engage! Behind "Bewitched" in column one are "Rapture" & "Enchantment." In column two are "Voodoo," "Sorcery" & "Conjuration."

These are resin castings from Spartan Games. They are for Uncharted Seas but are suitable for both VSF and Steampunk sea battles.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Never Anger a Woman with Hammers

Katrina Smithdahter is not one to take a slight lightly. Her short temper is famous in five counties.

Armed with her two heavy hammers, she is quick to pound home her opinions.

A life of working with hot iron has hardened her muscles and taught her the best way to swing two hammers in viscous unison. It takes a brave (or foolish) man to face her when her anger is raised.

Katrina is a metal warhammer figure from Games Work Shop.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

High Seas Escort Duty

Three martyr class frigates, "Temptation," "Sacrifice," and "Redemption," escort the Imperial Galleon "Queens Duty" through dangerous waters.

An enemy squadron of raiders, has been sighted. "Hard a Port" is ordered and the ships head for safer seas-hopefully.

New course set, the ships prepare for battle if they can not out run the raiders.

The frigates are resin castings from Spartan Games for their Uncharted Seas rules. The galleon is a plastic piece that came in a set of pirate toys from Safari Limited.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Give Me Another!

Discipline is harsh in the Legions, and Centurion Gaius "Give Me Another" Maximus is willing to deal out any punishment needed to maintain order.

Gaius gained his nickname by his habit of breaking his swagger stick over the backs of unruly soldiers and then screaming to his orderly- "Give Me Another!"

Gaius is a 28mm plastic Roman from Warlord Games.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Am Silent Death

Coming out of the darkness, deadly knives at the ready, Anastasia Di Bray awaits her next victim. Swift and silent death follows in her wake.

Anastasia Di Bray is one of my favorite pieces I have painted. She is a metal piece from Privateer Press suitable any game from the Age of Pirates to 1920's Pulp action.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sail Ho-Ready Boarders

Captain Shae prepares his men to take their next prize.

Doc Killingsworth is ready to dish out some pain.

The seadogs are ready for action while Lord Rockbottom prepares to give covering fire when the action gets rough.

All are metal pieces from Privateer Press, the ship is a scratch built pirates lugger.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Ship Needs a Captain-ME!

Yes every ship needs a captain and make no mistake Captain Phinneus Shae is the captain!

Captain Shae is an expert is all forms for combat. In fact he relishes the thrill of battle.

When the fight is on the line, having Captain Shae on your side is your best hope for victory.

Shae is another fun metal piece from Privateer Press.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Pirates! Where? We're Privateers-Honest!

Pirates, Free Booter or Privateers, unless captured, the meaning meant little to the crew. Loot, booty, prizes were of much greater importance. Jake Starling is one of those free booters who is popular with the entire crew, fun loving and a great fighter.

Jake is and expert swordsman, a fair shot and a quick wit. The jokes he plays on the crew are good natured and "liven" up the dull daily shipboard routine.

He is also very popular with the ladies, which is one reason he is chronically short of coin.

Mr. Miles Witheringspoon is 2nd Mate and takes his duties very seriously.

Mr. Witheringspoon is a former Puritan and a stickler for discipline. Woe be to those who curse with in his hearing as he is well known for his short temper and fast sword play.

Jake and Miles are both metal pieces from Privateer Press.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Show Us the Loot!

Hans Lokssharps prefers to be called a privateer rather than pirate. Yes he fights for coin,but he is not a pirate.

Even so, privateers need to be well armed and good with his weapons, Hans id both.

Locata Zatar, cares not what people call him as long as he is given an equal share.

Both pieces are metal from Privateer Press.