Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dragon Bones Heck, what about the Giant Cat Monster?

In the middle of battle between British, French, Russians and Dragon Bones, a giant prehistoric cat monster descends upon the Layer of the Dragon Lady! The weapons of man have no effect upon the massive monster that has settled down for a look see.

Apart from the movement of some figures and buildings, this incident had no real effect on the battle as the beastly creature soon left in search of new entertainments.

The giant cat monster is Cookie. As all cats do, she knows that she runs the house and she must therefore inspect everything that goes on-including battles. She did rearrange several buildings and other pieces of terrain before she got bored and left.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

For the Glory of Rome-WIP

The soldiers of the Legions of Rome stand ready for their next painting session.

At this stage the miniatures have been primed black and given a dry bush of gunmetal and pewter.

These work in progress pieces are 28mm metal and plastic from Warlord Games.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vertically Challenged Pirates Three-Capt. Midcleaver

The last sight of Capt. Midcleaver many a foe has seen.

Fullintharm beats the tatoo for the men to follow.

Hanmestrength leads the captains crew where the fight is the thickest.

These are more metal pieces for Games Workshops Warhammer game.

Monday, April 25, 2011

"Let's Go You Wolverines!"

Capitan Klotze leads his Michigan men into combat against the Rebs with his battle cry, "Lets go you Wolverines!"

In the War Between the States, Michigan and its neighboring states were called the Western States. Battles fought west of the Appalachian Mountains were refered to as Western battles fought by armies of the West.

Western Union Regiments preferred the soft black hat vs the kepi that was more common in Eastern raised regiments.

As with most of the infantry on both sides, these men were armed with .58 cal, single shot, "cap & ball," rifled muskets and triangular bayonets. The officers would most often carry a "cap & ball," revolver in .32-44 cal.

These are 28mm plastic pieces from Perry Miniatures.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Yes, I have Wings!

"Yes, Yes, I have wings, I am a chieftain after all," say Windafix of Gaul.

Armed with his battle axe and sword, Windafix is ready to fight all who threaten his homeland-even the Romans.

In actuality it is doubtful that any barbarian warriors wore "wings, horns, antlers" or other like adornments on their helmets in battle.

This metal 25mm piece is a Ral Partha casting from the 1970's. It was very good quality for the time but is very dated today.

Happy Easter

May you and yours have a safe and peaceful Easter.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Big Iron For Hire

With a really Big Iron Blunderbuss, this Merc, Alten Ashley, is willing to fight-if the price is right.

This is a metal Privateer Press miniature for Warmachine.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Tommy Says Hello

The .45 cal Tommy Gun was a great way for Marines to introduce themselves to enemy island defenders throughout the Pacific.

This Marine is a 28mm metal piece from Warlord Games Miniatures.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Johnny Reb Firing Line

A Rebel squad of infantry from the 1st Kentucky Regiment gets into a firing line during the War for States Rights.

A standard uniform was virtually unknown for most CSA units after the first year of the war and this unit is no different.

Wearing a combination of civilian, Confederate and captured Union clothing, these Johnny Reb's fight for their beliefs.

The men are armed with .58 cal rifled muskets and bayonets. The Lieutenat has a saber and .44 Colt Army revolver.

These are 28mm plastic Perry Miniatures.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lets Play My Mace vs Your Head

This plastic warmachine from Privateer Press is for Richard's Menoth Army.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Vertically Challenged Pirates Two

Captain Shortmaker uses his sword to cut his enemies down to size.

In every engagement, the captain is supported by his first mate Mr. Stubbings.

More and more of the pirates come to join their officers as their raid commences.

These are the second batch of my metal Games Workshops pirate dwarfs.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Hordes of Mordor

Trolls, Orcs, goblins and more march to battle for the Dark Lord

These are some of the metal and plastic miniatures for the forces of Mordor for Tom's Lord of the Rings forces. I painted these in the early 2000's they are all from Games Workshop.

Post 300

Shakespeare night and Master Cuthbert Brubage (majority owner of the Globe Theater) is ready for his performance. Not quite a historic miniature but for my three hundredth post I thought I would have a little fun. I did get to play Burbage recently for a Renaissance presentation and this was my costume.

Therri joined me as My Lady Burbage. Romance and love in Renaissance finery. Double click on either photo for a close up view.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Here Catch My Star

This is definitely a star you do not want to catch. Morningstars are always a pain, but this eltro-power morningstar is especially deadly.

With his massive shield and blaster this warmachine all the protection and firepower he needs to help him get in close enough to smash the enemies of Menoth.

This is another of the new plastic warmachines from Privater Press

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Opps-What was I Thinking

Every one has a bad day and these were some of my biggest losers from one of those days. These were meant to be early Gondor Guards from the Lord of the Rings. The colors are bad and the eyes-OMG. I may have to call them the Racoon Regiment. Now in my defense I did paint these in the very early morning hours during a game convention weekend.

These are plastic pieces from Games Workshop.

On the Land or On the Sea

Moving through the ruins of Norfolk Naval Yard, this patrol of US Marines supports the Union and Constitution in the War of the Rebellion.

Armed with .58 cal rifled muskets and a Marines best friend, his bayonet, these men are ready to take on Johnny Reb. Lieutenant Walingfords relies on his sword and trusty .36 cal Colt Navy revolver to see him through any conflicts.

Through the myst's of 150 years these US Marines join my growing ranks of USMC units in their historic uniforms throughout the history of the Corps. Check USMC Miniatures for pic's of the other units I finished. These Civil War Marines are 28mm Perry Miniatures Plastics.