Monday, March 21, 2011

Mystery of the Dragon Bones-Turn Seven, Decisions, Decisions...Shoot

Amid the carnage of the barracks roof Captain Reidhammer has finally defeated Andrean but at a cost, he is virtually out on his feet from his wounds (Captain Reidhammer barely won and finished the combat with only one point left). After a quick meeting of the minds, the major decides to pull out and inform HQ of the situation. With only himself and one unwounded man left(Underlong mistakenly reported that Smithers was taken by the PRAM), the major felt he had no other option. Underlong will assist the seriously wounded captain as they bug out, leaving only the major to protect the three of them.

Sgt Smithers can't believe his good luck as the beasty passes within inches but takes no notice. Not willing to risk his good fortune he decides to wait and see what happens next. (Being panicked probably saved the sgt. as he was unable to fire on the beast. This was the PRAM controlled by Sam Shove and without his direction it moved randomly if not attacked.)

The truth is out, Ivan is a NKVD officer sent to gain the secrets of Dragon Bones. A round of heated negotiations (and some serious threats) between Ivan and the Dragon Lady result in a mutual joining of forces. Sam is awakened, with a serious headache, his loyalty to the Dragon Lady puts thoughts of revenge to the back of his mind-for now.

Time to leave, Sam takes the lead, Ivan delays a little before he leaves the lab. Throughout he keeps an eye on his new "friends" and a hand on his pistol.

After a brutal fight, the gas blinded Igor is finally put OOA by a vicious blow to the head.

Roon finds the controls and leads the T.Rex as gentle as a lamb. Unfortunately all Dragon Bones are not as friendly as the charging brontosaurus demonstrates! The elite air troopers do not panic and open up with every weapon they have. (The Germans luck returned at the right time. Roon scored a critical success on his roll and not only found the PRAM control but was also able to get them to work. Vs the brontosaurs, that ended up short on its charge, every shot and grenade hit. Too bad I was looking forward to some bone on bone action between the two monsters.)

Bronto down! Modern fire power(two explosive grenades and a hail of smg, pistol and rifle bullets-plus it was already damaged by Major Fisttrigger and the LMG) rips prehistoric monster-at least this time.

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