Friday, March 4, 2011

Mystery of the Dragon Bones-In His Majesties Service

British Frontier Patrol-
Major Rupert Fisttriger, DSO-Veteran armed with a .445 Webly, & 500 British Gold Crowns. On detached duty, temporary patrol commander. Sir Magnus McWarner-Regular armed with a .660 Double Barrel Elephant Gun. Gentleman Adventurer. Captain Samuel Vines Reidhammer-Veteran armed with a .38 Webly, 2nd in command. Sgt. Smithers-Veteran with a Rifle and Bayonet. Privates Jones, Markson, Tanner, Underlong & Wailingford-all Regulars, armed with Rifles, Bayonets, and Grenades (Explosive). With orders to discover the Dragon Lady's secrets and take "appropriate" action, Major Fisttriger has commandeered a frontier patrol. He will take what ever measures are needed to capture the Dragon Lady's secrets for King and Country.

Post number two on "the Mystery of the Dragon Bones" Adventure. These 28mm metal pieces are from Renegade, the infantry, and Pulp Figures are the leader characters.

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