Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mystery of the Dragon Bones-The Dragon Lady

1920's South East Asia, and Madam Chang-the Dragon Lady has developed a diabolical new science involving "Dragon Bones." Her enemies are marshaling to steal her secrets, but she is prepared with her guards, assistant, allies and the Dragon Bones themselves.

The Forces of the Dragon Lady:
Madam Chang, the Dragon Lady-Elite, armed with a .45 Automatic & twin poison hair pins. Colonel General, Count Alexi Romonav-Stifenback-Regular, armed with a .40 Revolver. Ivan Redengloy-Elite, armed with a .45 Automatic, Brass Knuckles & Hunting Knife. Igor Petororski –Veteran, armed with a .9mm Mauser Machine Pistol & Whiskey Bottle for drinking & bashing. Sam Shovel-Regular, armed with a .45 Tommy Gun. Lieutenant Claude Leufure-Green, Armed with a .38 Heavy Revolver & Sword. A colonial officer, he commands the French Marines. French Marine privates Andrean, Deaxue, Francois, Julien, Montinqua, Pitan, Routan & Zola-all Green, armed with rifles and bayonets. One 37mm Cannon, two HMG's and three LMG's.

This is the first part of" the Mystery of the Dragon Bones," a pulp style adventure for 28mm figures. The French Marines and officer are from Renegade the rest of the miniatures are from Pulp Figures.

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