Sunday, September 12, 2010

Imperial Powers Warships of the Air Battle

Units of the German Imperial Air Flotillalmeet in battle a force of Her Imperial Majesties Royal Navy.
The German force consisted of the Heavy Cruiser SMS Odin, the light cruisers SMS Medusa, Amazone & Nymphe all escorting the Dirigible Heavy Crusier SMS Furst Bismark.
Tasked with halting the German advance were the three Heavy Cruisers of Patrol Squadron Five: HMS Black Prince, HMS Hawke, and HMS Tiger.

The battle was short but very brutal. Smoke can be seen pouring from the damaged ships. Several times ships used the high clouds to hide from the guns of their enemies.

German shooting was quite effective and all the British ships were repeatedly hit. The British, for the most part, concentrated their fire on the Odin and Furst Bismark.

In the final stages of the battle the Furst Bismark is destroyed and the remainder of the German force is in disaway with several ships damaged. In attaining their goal of halting the Furst Bismark the Britiah suffered serious losses, HMS Hawke was destroyed with all hands, HMS Black Prince was reduced to near ruin and the HMS Tiger was heavily damaged. A marginal victory for the forces of Britannia, God Save the Queen!

This battle was between Richard and myself using metal Aeroneff miniatures. The senario was a bombing mission for the Germans, with the Furst Bismark being the heavy bomber of the force. The British squadron had to prevent the bombing so loses were less important than stopping the Furst Bismark. As we were learning the rules we also replayed the end game to a German victory.
SMS stood for Sublime Majesties Ship and HMS stands for Her (or His if need be) Majesties Ship.

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  1. That game was brutal. We still need to rematch at some point