Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Captain and Her Crew

Surrounded by her loyal, and well armed, bully-boy crew, Captain Patsy Seemaster knows they can handle any situation.
First Mate Bud Browman helps keep the crew on an even keel.
Especially "Mad Eye" Swensda who loves the ratt-tat-tat of his Tommy Gun just a little to much.
Chief Engineer "Scot" Macantosh on the other hand is a cool master of his BAR, which he keeps in pristine condition.  While seamen Nyle Kadet and Freddy Wieezner are passable shots with their rifles.  All in all a good crew to have on your side in a fight as Captain Patsy can well attest.

Captain Patsy Seemaster and her crew are all 28mm metal pieces from Pulp Figures.

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