Monday, August 15, 2011

Ha, My AFV is Bigger than Your AFV!

Size isn't always everything but in AFV's it is a great way to intimidate your opponent.

The stories for the to AFV's are in previous posts:"Dr. Nicoli Rasputkant's Marvelous Semi-floating Juggernaut" and "SMLS Hagen-Armored Land Power for the Kaiser"
The metal 28mm adventurer is from Reaper and has been seen earlier here: "California Nick-Adventurer Professor"


  1. Nice works!

    And, Prof, since you already converted a 'Late Renaissance' (though more Munchausenian than Da Vinciesque) steam tank to a VSF contraption... I'm sure the 18th century would allow you to combine your interest in Pirates, Steampunk / VSF and Pulp in a single setting...

    Then, you are not the first VSF player / modeler with a taste for Pirates I pester with such a suggestion :) Take this as a wish to see people rich of talents I lack using them to illustrate my pet period!

    Cheers and best wishes

  2. Thanks Jean-Louis for the great link, wow what a cool site.