Monday, May 16, 2011

Pirates! Where? We're Privateers-Honest!

Pirates, Free Booter or Privateers, unless captured, the meaning meant little to the crew. Loot, booty, prizes were of much greater importance. Jake Starling is one of those free booters who is popular with the entire crew, fun loving and a great fighter.

Jake is and expert swordsman, a fair shot and a quick wit. The jokes he plays on the crew are good natured and "liven" up the dull daily shipboard routine.

He is also very popular with the ladies, which is one reason he is chronically short of coin.

Mr. Miles Witheringspoon is 2nd Mate and takes his duties very seriously.

Mr. Witheringspoon is a former Puritan and a stickler for discipline. Woe be to those who curse with in his hearing as he is well known for his short temper and fast sword play.

Jake and Miles are both metal pieces from Privateer Press.

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