Friday, March 18, 2011

Mystery of the Dragon Bones-Turn Five.2 Flying Hot Lead

Heimlick charges into the tear gas and is surprised by the strength of Igor. The advantage of the gas helps, but after the first round of combat they are both lightly wounded. Perhaps Heimlick should have shot Igor instead.

After gassing the HMG, Spritzer and Underoffizier Lutzer open fire on the marine gunner.

Out of the range of the gas grenade, the Colonel General fires his revolver and hits Underoffizier Lutzer with a light flesh wound. The underoffizier laughs off the wound as he continues to fire his SMG at the Zola on the HMG. (Even with firing two full bursts, every shot missed-as the turn progressed the luck of the Germans failed badly.)

It never pays to forget an enemy with a LMG. From his post on the Mon Cheri's 08/15 LMG, Montinqua has a clear view of the air troopers firing on the HMG and outlined by the burning PRAM. He lets loose with a long raking bust at the two intruders. (This is the view from the Mon Cheri)

In mid laugh, Lutzer is cut down by the 08/15's hot lead.

Mean while Roon is still trying to find something of value on the PRAM. Perhaps he is looking in the wrong spot? (Throughout the entire turn the Imperial Air Troops failed every important die roll, shooting, intelligence, luck, hand to hand etc.)

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