Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mystery of the Dragon Bones-Imperial German Air Troops

The Imperial German Air Soldiers, troopers willing to do anything for the greater glory of the Empire. Kapitän Richard Himmelskrieger- Elite armed with a 9mm Lugar & high explosive demolition charges. Feldwebel(1st Sgt.) Gunderman- Elite armed with a submachine gun high explosive demolition charges. Underoffizier (Sgt.)Lutzer- Elite armed with a submachine gun. Troopers Roon, Spritzer & Heinlick-all Elite armed with Rifles & Grenades (Explosive & Tear Gas).

Kapitän Himmelskrieger has been ordered to discover the evil secrets of the dastardly French and their puppets. It would be best to expose the evils of French to the World, but destruction of the project is the senior priority.

These metal miniatures of post three of the Mystery of the Dragon Bones Adventure are all from Pulp Figures.

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