Wednesday, May 14, 2014

French Frontiers Battle Royal 1914

The Chasseurs have lost half their section including their sgt.

At least one German section is taking some casualties, but not the sniper.  Hit after hit lands but none wound this lucky and deadly shooter (He personally drops the French Lt., 3 sgts., 1 cpl. and a pvt.).

French casualties mount and still their "hits"fail to wound more tha half the time. The one French success is the elemination of the German Maxim section, right before the Germans wipe out the French HMG team.

The dreaded "10" another failed French to wound after a hit...15 times ugh!
Last of the Chasseurs
Soul survivor on the left...

Soul survivor on the right...

The last bastion of the French platoon.  Brave to the end not a single French soldier routed from the field-the fell defending Franch to the last man.
The end is here, the Germans finally advance from the cover othe forest the last French troops, now outnumbered 5 to 1 resist to the last...oh but for the luck of  gods....

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