Sunday, June 2, 2013

Winning can be a Costly Experience

Sergi, as the last of his section, might take advantage of the situation to retire with honor.  But nothing was farther from his thoughts than fleeing, rather he burned with patriotic fever and sought revenge for his fallen comrades.  He has no idea that the same thoughts were filling the mind of Sgt. Iosif Imabod (just visible in the building to the far left).
With careful aim, Sergi drops Rosa Out of Action (OOA) with a shot through her back...and the tractor, with the priceless Grand Sacred Blade, drives out of control.  The Prefect is stricken with fear...he must act NOW to save the Grand Scared Blade!  He, Rod and Kug lay down a withering fire on the upstart Militiamen...and they all miss.
Sergi is not impressed and with another crack shot he drops Rod OOA.  Even worse for the Sect of the Red Ruby the position of Red Militiaman covers the road that the tractor, if under control, must travel.
Rod is down, Kug is under fire from Iosif, and Sergi is shooting at the Prefect as he desperately attempts to climb onto the out of control tractor.  Both forces have but two men left standing.  This phase will determine victory or defeat but for who? 
With one more fantastic shot, Sergi lightly wounds the Prefect...Sergi is then cut to ribbons and put OOA by an equally lucky, maximum range, burst from Kug's SMG.   Even wounded, the Prefect succeeds in gaining control of the tractor and its precious cargo.
Another SMG burst gives Iosif a heavy wound, finally breaking his fanatic willpower and he departs the field.  He will make his report to the local Soviet NKVD, what they do next only the future will tell.  Kug stays to cover any possible return while the Prefect heads for a more secure location with the Grand Sacred Blade.  The cost was excessive but the prize is more than worth the price...the non-believers will soon realize just how great a prize is the "Grand Sacred Blade."


Sect of the Broken Ruby: 
After retrieving the Grand Sacred Blade and securing it in a Sect Safehold, Prefect Vermell made his report to the Grand High Supreme Master of the First Circle of the Sect of the Broken Ruby. 

"Master, it is with sublime pleasure that I report to you the complete success of our efforts to retrieve the Grand Sacred Blade which is now safe in Gemstone Hold.  As  required in such actions, all evidence of Sect of the Broken Ruby involvement in this event have been erased.  As this was a righteous night event, feel secure in the knowledge that the unbelievers have no clue as to who vanquished them.  Losses to the Brothers and Sisters were painful, Brothers Prios, Pula and Sister Rosa have succumbed to their wounds and joined the ranks of or other fallen hero's.  It is with happy refrain that I report that Sisters Kulay, Sart and Brother Rod have, through your grace, survived their wounds and are on the way to full recovery.  For their stalwart fighting abilities in eliminating our enemies may I recommend the advancement to 1st Circle Warrior status for Brothers Kug and Rod.  I will send additional facts supporting this request in my next dispatch.
As always, I your Obedient Servant, send you my Blessings and Loyality
Prefect of the 2nd Circle of Warriors Vermell"

The Grand Sacred Blade in the Dig and Free, wait...has the blade started to transform?

Militia Squad of the Southern Combine Soviet of the Eastern Solvenes.

"Report on results of the engagement with Counter Revolutionaries in the liberated community of Rubin Wies, as submitted by Sgt. Iosif Imabod to Commissar Tarin Redblod. 
Comrade Commissar, it is with pleasure that I report to you that Rubin Weis is now fully clear of any Counter Revolutionary activity.  After a brutal firefight against vastly superior forces (in both number and equipment and might I suggest the investment in developing some sort of fire breathing weapon they are quite impressive) the Militia under my command behaved heroically in the finest manner of the Red Army  in expelling the enemy.  Upon returning to the battlefield, the Dig is in our control, with the full company of local militia, minus some loses from the engagement.  I commend to your records the brave men who fell fighting for the Revolutionary Government: Cpl. Pavel, Militiamen Abram, Dmtry, Ilia, Vasily, Trofim, Yakov and Yegor.  May I further commend to your notice the valiant Cpl. Marat, Militiamen Mikal and Sergi who (as was I) were seriously wounded but are recovering from this fearse firefight.  Cpl. Marat is as I mentioned recovering but has unfortunately lost his left leg to wounds from an enemy grenade, but he insists he will be ready to stand for duty to protect the Revolution as soon as a wooden leg can be fitted.  Such are the Hero's of our Southern Combine Soviet of the Eastern Solvenes.
Victory to the Revolution!
 Sgt. Iosif Imabod, Red Army, Detached."

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