Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dragon Bones Asian Connection-Casualties and Surprises

With the spirit of his Samurai ancestors guiding his hands, Lt. Mizune uses his katana to cut down the hapless Shultz.  The attack was so swift that Oberst Dikkmann was only able to witness the action as he had yet to even draw his automatic pistol.  Rikki has not been so slow, as soon as the shooting began she readied her escape rope and forces Dr. Hans through the window and out of the immediate danger.  She then takes careful aim on the doorway and the now victorious Lt. Mizume.
The end of Oberleutnant Karl Kriegsmank's patrol.  After a second violent volley of automatic fire, the riddled bodies of the Oberleutant, Pvt. Tinker and the Model A end up crashed into a farmers fence.  Leaking petrol begins a small fire, but how long will it be until it reaches the fuel tank?
Having heard the automatic rifle fire, the rest of the security patrol rushes forward.  Seeing the flash of weapons fire they head towards the rough terrain where Lt. Commander Dartnell's men have just finished off the Oberleutnant.
What the 'ell is that exclaims Captain Patsy, and its moving!  She now has an idea as to why its called Dragon Bones. Jack is unimpressed, he has just seen the brewery and a convenient truck full of booze.  Nyle, on the other hand, has panicked and run off the way the raiders came.
Nyle rallies when he reaches Lt. Commander Dartnell and his men.  Dartnell tells him to check the Model A and its victims for information and weapons while he and his men continue to investigate the barn.  In the excitement and poor light all four men fail to see the doctor climbing out of the window of the two story house (just visible above Mad Eye Swensda).
Dartnell checks the barn covered by Macantosh while Mad Eye looks over the car. Once again the men are so intent on their respective duties that they fall to see  the Dragon Bones (just to the right of the picture), the escape of Dr. Hans,  or even the activities at the brewery ahead.
In a feat of expert markswomanship, Rikki hits Lt. Mizune with a light wound and pins both him and Yachigusa as they duck for cover from her hail of slugs. As Oberst Dikkmann takes aim at Yachigusa's back he is startled to see yet another INN sailor appear in the doorway. The Oberst snap fires, misses both men and has now announced his position...oops! 
With the INN men temporary pinned, Rikki uses the confusion to follow the doctor down the rope and heads for the barracks, unaware that the building is empty as the security detachment is on patrol.  At almost the same moment both she and the INN sailors to the rear of the two story house see each other.  Enemies to the rear and side between her and the barracks, forces Rikki to change her plans on the run...yes run, run to the brewery-stout walls, men with weapons and a vehicle to commandeer if necessary.
The patrol moves towards the burning model A when they see movement on the rough terrain hillock.  As a man they fire a volley...
Who did they see-Nyle, who with a stroke of luck saw the doctor and Rikki running from the house.  Knowing that the doctor was one of their targets Nyle's runs towards Lt. Commander Dartnell's men to spread the news.  Running was a mistake as it draws the fire of the Jagers and Nyle's goes down, his vital information being lost with him.  But his sacrifice has alerted the rest of the his companions to the new danger.  In fact it draws fire from Jack who both misses and exposes his position to the Jagers.
As Rikki and Doctor Hans race across the street Ensign Yoko Tsukasa and seaman Mikuni give chase.  They remember their orders to shoot only in dire necessity, besides they would rather capture the doctor and his companion is only a woman.  Rikki is torn, should she turn and fight, continue to run for the relative safety of the brewery-even as the short doctor is tiring, or continue down the street to a parked truck, what to do, what to do.   All the while Dr. Hans is fussing with some strangely colored bottles in his lab coat.
With Nyle shot, Dartnell arranges his men on the stonewall to face the Jager threat.  at the same time, Captain Patsy is trying to take photos of the Dragon Bones and gather further information on the creature.  The Jagers see Jack but are under orders not to harm the Dragon Bones creature an have yet to see Lt. Commander Dartnell and his men...when in doubt hit the dirt.
Meanwhile the brewery has been thrown into a beehive of activity.  Katrina is to drive the truck to safety in the main village.  Bruno will cover her until she drives away.  The rest barricade the courtyard and ready to defend their livelihood.

Up next-Fight or Flight 

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