Thursday, August 16, 2012

DB Asian Connection - Fight or Flight

Having decided to try for the commercial truck, Rickki and the Doctor race down the street.  But first Dr. Hans lobs one of his strangely colored bottles in the general direction of the INN pursuers.  With a loud bang, a cloud of acrid smoke rises between the two groups.  Seaman Mikune fires blindly through the foul smelling brew and nicks one of the rear tires starting a slow leak.
The ensign and sailor detour around the gas that they now realize is Tear Gas, annoying but not overly dangerous.  Mikune and Rikki exchange shots but both miss. Ensign Tsukasa readies his sword to deal with this obnoxious female.
Lt. Mizune and seaman Yachigusa have followed the doctor and his assistant down the rope and ready to cross he street in pursuit.
Taking no chances with their valuable collection of alcohol, Katrina and Bruno head down the road to the perceived safety of the main village. Jack, incensed at the possible loss of his booze, opens fire on the truck, lightly wounding Katrina.  Bruno returns fire and takes Jack OOA.  To add insult to injury, the Dragon Bones beast (In the first Dragon Bones Adventure these creatures are referred to as a PRAM-Prehistoric Reanimated Automatronic Monster, but in this engagement this title is as yet unknown to any but the doctor so they are simply referred to as Dragon Bones.), in its mindless meandering, stomps on the hapless Jack (the beast normally moved randomly, but for the rest of the game the dice showed that it was content to stand on poor Jacks head).
Fortified in the brewery, the rest of the staff readies their weapons. (No manner How much shooting occurred, these characters refused to leave the safety of the brewery and help fight off the raiders).
In the face of the fire of the Jagers and Bruno, Captain Patsy and First Mate Browman decide it's time to find a safer position.  As Scot's BAR has jammed and his men are under an increasing amount of fire from the Jagers, Lt. Commander Dartnell has reached the same conclusion.  He calls on his men to retire and regroup with Captain Patsy.  (The combination of Jack being taken out and the fear of more Jager reinforcements coming helped both the Captain and Lt. Commander to fail their respective morale rolls and they retired to the rough ground behind the barn.  To their credit they both rallied next turn).
Mad Eye is ready to continue the fight, of course!.  Captain Patsy and Dartnell on the other hand know that with 25% of their men down and the BAR still out of action the odds are to great.  Time to flee with the information they have before they are overwhelmed by superior numbers.  (In fact there were only six Jagers left and half of them were wounded, but in the dark the British raiders did not realize how effective their fire was.) 
Lt. Mizune and his men close with the fleeing doctor. Unfortunately the need to avoid the tear gas has left them exposed in the intersection.
With a burst of speed and a fearsome battle cry, Ensign Tsukasa charges into hand to hand combat with Rikki. Expecting an easy victory, he is shocked by the unarmed fighting skills of his female opponent and takes a heavy blow along the side of the head. Rikki avoids most of his counter stroke, but knows what that warm sticky feeling is as the katana slides lightly along her left forearm.
The Jagers keep up an ineffective fire on the retreating British sailors.  The Germans slowly advance down the street for they have also noticed the INN sailors outlined in the headlights of the brewery truck down the street. 
(Jack's body is just visible under the right foot of the Dragons Bones Beast)
Rather than abandon his assistant, Dr. Hans lobs another gas bomb between the rest of the sailors Rikki and her antagonist.  The expanding cloud again screens the two parties from each other.  With the explosion, Rikki realizes the doctor is not running...she screams for the him to get in the truck and flee, NOW!  Katrina and Bruno now see that they have left the frying pan for the fire...enemies behind, hostiles to the front and bombs to the right what should they do next..."FLOOR IT" yells Bruno.
Experience, and bulk, vs rifle and bayonet-the house battle continues.  Only the skills honed in the trenches of the Great War have kept Oberst Dikkmann from being impaled like a pig.  In the end, experience paid off as the Oberst twists the rifle in a practiced move and finishes off the INN sailor with his own weapon.

Next- Victors, Losers and Survivors

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