Saturday, July 21, 2012

Massed Battery - July 3, 1863

As a prelude to the most famous attack of the War Between the States, "Pickets Charge," the massed artillery batteries (more than 140 cannon in all) of the Army of Northern Virginia bombarded the Union lines at Gettysburg.
Most of the cannon were 12 pounder smooth bore and a mixed bag of rifled artillery pieces.  The ensuing barrage was the greatest the Southern forces ever attempted.
Unfortunately the gunners largely overshot the main Union lines and the hail of shot was largely ineffective at weakening the forward infantry units.  The Rebel infantry attacked, the "High Watermark" of the Confederacy was reached as was the key turning point of the War.
The actions of the massed battery has been largely forgotten as it was over shadowed by the famous disaster of Pickets Charge.

These are 15mm metal pieces from Heritage Miniatures. I painted them in the late 1970's.

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