Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Name Is Ignoid Snort

Ignoid Snort-protector of the swamp spawning grounds-is a proud member of the race of frogmen feared for their blind courage.
Ignoid is armed with a slimy net and his trident tipped with a paralyzing saliva from the the glands of some of his smaller cousins.
No matter the size of his opponent, Ignoid will defend his territory to the bitter end.

I painted Ignoid in the mid 1970's, he and his brothers (see tomorrows post) were key components in the mystic swamps of my D&D Dungeon campaign I was playing in those days.  He was a favorite ongoing character for me and the party players.  Ignoid is a metal piece from Archive Miniatures one of the best casters in those days.

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