Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm Ignoid Snort-No I'm Ignoid Snort-No I'm Ignoid Snort-No ...

Will the real Ignoid Snort please croak up? 
A pod of frogmen seem to be confused as to who is the true Ignoid Snort!
But a with a little knocking of head (their favored form of communication) it becomes apparent that they all are Ignoid Snort-its both their individual and tribal name.
So individual or as a group, Ignoid Snort is ready for action.

One of the surprises for my D&D Mystic Swamp was that there was an infinite supply of Ignoid Snort's. Seeing one appear at the rear of the party right after they knocked off one in the front was always fun. These are all metal pieces that I painted in the mid 1970's. 

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