Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lancers on Patrol

The needs of the Empire are great, the forces few but elite. These lancers-the 17th-have yet to see a true battle on the frontiers but they are willing. Carbine, and light cavalry swords were also carried by the troopers, but the lance was the weapon upon which their unit name rested.

They will have to wait until the 1890's Sudan Campaign to test their metal.  By then the lance was more effective in training then in real battle, but the cavalrymen of Europe would not realize this fact until the blood baths of the Great War. In fact some countries continued to equip their troopers with lances as late as the opening battles of the Second World War!

These 25mm metal pieces are from Minifig, cast in the 1970's, I painted them in the early '80's for my British Colonial Army. 

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