Friday, March 30, 2012

Here Come The Marines

Marine re-enforcements for the beleaguered defenders of Peking in 1900 (last year of the 19th Century) pass a makeshift defense on the march from the coast to the Chinese capital.

Pulled from the ships companies of the Asian squadron, this ad-hoc unit is part of the 6000 man allied force put together to rescue the legations trapped by the "Boxers Rebellion."

Lt. Max Kornors leads his small patrol with thoughts of glory, and promotion, running in his head.

While the Marines in Peking were armed with 6mm Winchester-Lee's, 1st Marine regiment relief troops were armed with .30 Krag-Jorgensens while the ships detachments were still armed with the old .45-70 Trapdoor about a headache for the quartermaster (page 158 "The Marines," by the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation). These men represent the ships detachments, hence their makeshift equipment, and armed with Trapdoors (or in a pinch the straight pull Winchester-Lees's if the scenario calls for them).
These 28mm metal pieces are from Artizan Design.

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